New in Store: A lot more Spanx to go around

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx and one the true body fix-it icon of our gen, has proven that she really listens to her customers. As she begins her 10th anniversary year, she has created some awesome new products that, according to Ms. Blakely herself, have been long awaited and often-time requested by her many devotees!

First, there are the Guys……have they been jealous of all the quick-fixes we gals have latched on to with our very own Power Panties, High Powers, Bralelujiahs or whichever Spanx product takes care of whichever need we can’t diet away? Well, guys have needs too and have been requesting the suck-it-up guru to give them a solution as well. She’s done it……….these guys have belly-solutions!

A true cotton compression undershirt that will forever change the way men look and feel in their clothes! These (3) styles of undershirts firm the chest, flatten the stomach, support the lower back, and improve posture while doing all of this!

If you need to try-on, Neiman Marcus will have in stock by the end of March or if you have the guts (no pun intended) to buy online, also available now at

Next, ok Gals, when do you most feel that all eyes are on your body? It’s got to be when you put that swimsuit on, especially for the first time of the season and that time is near. So, our friend Sara has come up with her next brilliant solution……Spanx Swimwear! Available in stores at Saks and Dillards, Sara has given us lots of options in one-piece, swim separates or even a two-piece option!

Also, new this season and designed for Houston heat, the newest basics from Spanx, Skinny Britches. These multiple options for compressed coverage are designed to be worn alone, as one piece or can be layered to address multiple body solutions if layered over one another for maximum coverage. The good news is they are lighter in weight and in color, giving you the option to look great and feel COOL! These are out there right now and available in all of their variety at Neiman Marcus.  You must try them to love them!  For more details, click on

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