A Short Story!

Yves Saint Laurent Cotton Canvas Shorts; Karl Sabine Sequined Shorts

It’s becoming that time again ladies…as the temperatures rise so do the hemlines! As Spring arrives and sweet summertime makes way for us to show off our legs.  A perfect pair of shorts is exactly what you need in your closet…actually more than one! From leather to lace, no fabric has been left behind.  This Season shorts are back to being what they were destined to be, Sassy!

Shorts newest trend: Lace

Dolce & Gabbana Lace and Crepe Shorts; All Over Apricot Shorts by Romwe.com

Lace is all the rage this season and Shorts are a fun, new way to wear it. Also, it should be noted that shorts don’t always have to mean short shorts. This Spring we are seeing a lot of variety when it comes to lengths.  Bermuda length shorts work great in Lace, there is really no way to get these wrong. With so many patterns, the perfect outfit for a lunch or out to dinner could be pairing a beautiful pair of lace shorts in neutrals or newest in color, with a simple top and some fabulous accessories and Ta Da, you are wearing a look that is very now!

Shorts year round trend:  Leather

Pecan Leather Short Shorts by StyleBop; Alice by Temperely Libre Laser Cut Leather Shorts

Have a fabulous night planned out on the town? A style we’ve been seeing a lot lately is leather shorts! A perfect pair of leather shorts, worn bare-legged for Spring/Summer or with tights for Fall, make this a sound investment that you will want to wear year round. Add a simple top, the right pair of shoes or booties and that’s all you need to make a show stopping entrance.

Shorts reflect season’s hottest trend:  Prints

Giambattista Valli Pattern Woven Shorts; Stella McCartney Hawaiian Printed Shorts

Prints of every kind are easily adaptable to shorts.  Tribal, floral, tropical, madras or novelty….all are great for shorts.  Paired with simple tops and also available in all lengths, printed shorts are a great way to wear prints and color in a small way this season.

Shorts in a variety of looks:  Novelty

Halston Heritage Black Studio 54 Sequin Mini Shorts; Scalloped Shorts J.Crew; Current/Boyfriend Elliot Floral Shorts; High Wasted Sailor Shorts by Oasis

Shorts are the trend to add to your wardrobe this season if you haven’t already.  We’re not talking the same shorts that we have worn for casual outings for years.  These shorts are fashion-right and are being interpreted in all of the trends of the season.  You should have a wardrobe of short and reminder, they should be accessorized as well.  We are talking about fashion looks here!  See all selections above and you will get it.

To order your favorite shorts seen above, click on the links below!


Yves Saint Laurent Cotton-Canvas Short; KARL Sabine Sequined Short

Row 1:

Dolce & Gabanna Lace and Crepe Shorts; Lace Romwe Shorts;

Row 2:

Vince Pecan Leather Shorts; Alice by Temperley Libre Leather Shorts

Row 3:

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Patterned woven shorts, Net-a-Porter.com; Stella McCartney Hawaiian Printed Shorts, comparable

Row 4:

Halston Heritage Black Studio 54 Sequined Shorts; J.Crew Scalloped Shorts; Current/Eliot Hay Short; Oasis High-Waisted Sailor Short, comparable

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