A Week of Shout-Outs to Houston’s Fashion Future….

This has been, according to my calendar, my last jammed week of events and once again, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t make them all but was busy nonetheless. I apologize to Toni W., Lucinda & Julie and the Bloggetts: Julie, Monica & Bethany for missing your events due to conflicts.

Here are a few highlights….

University of Houston Salute to Retail Kickoff at Tootsies….

The University of Houston Department of Consumer Science and Retail, of which I am the incoming Board Chair and alumn, touched home for me and my alma mater on Tuesday evening when supporters of this event gathered at Tootsies to celebrate the kick-off of this October 16 luncheon event.  Overseeing the event was Dr. Shirley Ezell, the driving force of this event and head of the Intern program, which provides many interns for retailers and fashion businesses around the city.  Also, there to share in the festivities were Chairperson Soraya McClelland, and her hubby HEB head, Scott. Representatives of the honorees were for Retailer, Tootsies, Mickey Rosmarin; Community leader, Bobbie Nau of Silver Eagle; and Media Honoree Culture Map honorees Clifford Pugh and Shelby Hodge.

Some celebrity designer guests that were an added treat, were Cornelia Guest visiting Tootsies for three days with her Cruelty-free handbag collection, and so exciting for me was my friend and family guy, Victor Costa, a UH grad and former honoree of this luncheon, and his new bride, Leigh Ann, that makes Houston a more frequent visit for him….we’re just thrilled to have him back! Some other UH grads were Chris Goins, Danielle Dror and Evangeline Carridas.

Left, Roz & my fave Boys: Mickey, Victor and Craig; right side: Dr. Ezell’s welcome to the Tootsies crowd.

Left, Chair, Soraya McClelland & hubby, HEB's Scott and Tootsies/UH grad, Chris Goins and on right: Hosts: Dr. Shirley Ezell and Mickey Rosmarin

Left, Roz & Cornelia Guest; right: Roz & Birthday girl, Joann Crassas

Little Black Dress Designer Event at House of Blues…..

Tuesday night was the culmination of an intense year of planning and hard work by founder and creator of The Little Black Dress Designer, Jeff Shell. 10 finalists from Houston showed their wares and competed for the top 5 scholarship winners.  The process began with these students working to put their unique signature on this iconic apparel staple, then a judging by many of Houston’s fashion elite and presented to all this on Tuesday night.  Chairs for this event were Judy Nyquist and Shannon Hall and the much deserving honoree for all that she has contributed to design in Houston over the years, Kay King.  It was a great night for Houston fashion….now and hopefully to its future!

left, creator of and event M.C., Jeff Shell, right, example of one of many competing LBD’s;

left; Vicki Rizzo and Donae Cangelosi Chramosta; on right: Judge, Francine Ballard and Co-chairperson, Judy Nyquist

left, Leisa Holland-Nelson, Maryann McKeithan & Linda Kuykendall; right, Ceron and Tamara Klotz Bonar

Event Honoree: Houston Design legend: Kay King

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I am a fashion and marketing consultant and blogger based in Houston, Texas. With more than three decades of experience in fashion retailing that has spanned Foley’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s NYC, I have earned a reputation for delivering expertise, energy and enthusiasm to my roster of clients. I have remained closely connected with designer women’s fashion as well as the misses, teens, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories markets from coast to coast.

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