All You Need is a Penny…Classic Penny Loafers are Back in New Ways

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As Back-to-School days are on us, I must admit I’m suffering a little from a case of the blues, as for the first time, I have no one in my household making that trip back to class. However, I can’t help but take notice that there is one trend that has been gaining momentum from the ankle down and not just for BTS-goers. It’s the return of the classic Penny Loafer and gals of all ages have stepped up to follow this new trend in Fall Footwear.

What makes this footwear idea FASHION this season is that it doesn’t stop at only the classic (like the Bass ones that I wore so many years with my plaid skirts at Catholic school!).  The Classics are there but the updates are what make them new and fun for everyone.  The variations are endless, are being designed by an entire spectrum of fashion designers and can be worn, depending on your selection, in so many ways.

First, is the FLAT LOAFER, available in traditional colors and fabrications such as leather, patent or suede. However, the newness here is the addition of BOLD COLOR and non-traditional Fabrics, from textures to glitz.

Cole Haan; Tory Burch; Todd's

Secondly, and newest to hit the scene is what is being called by most fashion mags and sites, as a must-have for Fall, is the HEELED LOAFER.  Here also, variety is endless from timeless classics to bold color to even color blocking and fancy trims.

Banana Republic; Ralph Lauren; Alexander McQueen; Banana Republic; J Crew

A few STYLING TIPS for all:

FLATS: substitute for ballet flats

*They are a classic and feminine look (so right for this season’s fashion spirit of femininity), that they look best worn with a trouser and feminine blouse, newest this season is the bow blouse.

*Added pizzazz, wear them in bold color…red maybe?

*However, if you are on the hip side of the fashion spectrum, and want a more casual look, wear with skinny jeans and a cool top or jacket.

*If funky is your style, go for the Annie Hall look, wear them with a menswear-inspired feeling, such as wide pants, bow blouse and vest (patterned sock, hat and round sunglasses are optional!).

HEELED LOAFERS: wear as you would a classic pump

*Great look with wide leg pants/soft blouse or dresses

*Opague tights and pencil skirts make for great partners

*A perfect completer for a tailored pantsuit; great for menswear

In closing, Penny Loafers come in many variations. If you’re out of change, did I mention they can also be tasseled (love it!)?  They are one of the many accessorizing updates for this season’s wardrobe that can give you an extra twist….enjoy your step back in time or try it anew!

0 thoughts on “All You Need is a Penny…Classic Penny Loafers are Back in New Ways

  1. I remember way, way back, that I was made to wear oxfords and socks.
    Oh I wanted penny loafers so much!
    With the very shiny new copper penny gleaming.
    Abe Lincoln’s head facing out was de rigueur.
    I cried and told my mother my deepest desire and the next day I shed the dorky shoes and socks and floated on air in my new loafers with the shiny copper penny.
    I love loafers and tassel
    Loafers to this day.
    Still wear them.

    Still wear them.

  2. I was wearing my beloved loafers when I got your email blast! LOVE them, and so glad they’re back this season! Dying for a red pair!

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