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As you may remember, I mentioned that I was making  my annual visit to NYC in December and I never make this trip without doing my due diligence before hand on what the Must-See in the Stores are for the season.  I did my research and saw it  all….Barney’s for Gaga’s Workshop, which was creatively splendid to the eye, but to purchase the logoed merchandise at prices that were so over-the-top for what it was, toys, I had to pass.  Swatch looks like it’s making a comeback with a big Fifth Avenue spot; American Girl store was the busiest store I went into (didn’t make it to the Apple Store, which usually holds that title!).  Pure purchaseable fashion and excitement for me was a-plenty at the Three B’s…Bloomie’s, Barney’s and Bergdorf’s, did some buying there and would have done more.  Meat Packing had many new shops that I had not seen like All Saints and Aurhaus for the home and many old favorites, such as Vince, Tory Burch, Catherine Malandrino, Marni and many others….not enough time!  Met my friend Paige Cunningham at Mario Batali’s Eataly (an Italian food-eaters dream!) and then progressed down to SoHo where I hit spots that I had not seen in awhile…..Bloomie’s, Top Shop, H & M, again not enough time but just enough to get my Big Apple Shopping-in-December buzz on.

There was so much that I loved about the city, including not just shopping but re-charging my battery every afternoon with an afternoon espresso at some fave coffee spots of mine, Pastis, Balthazar and Dean & Deluca and even a visit with my favorite singing doorman, Adrien, at the Millenium Broadway Hotel that didn’t disappoint me and sang me a tune as I walked the street!  However, the two stories below are the two new stores that I chose to share, as they were the hot spots that everyone told me, consistently I had to visit as they were the most chatted about in the city.  It was interesting what I found there…..Uniqlo on Fifth Avenue and Chris Burch’s C Wonder in SoHo.

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    1. Marlo, we need to set a time, post-Culture Map sale for me to come to your store. Call me, since I stay soooo busy! I need to get on Rodeo stories very soon, yikes! thanks for the comment. Roz

    1. It was a great trip….love NYC in December and so love Balthazar also. Hard to pick a favorite as I love all three that I mentioned! thanks for the comment. Roz

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