You Can’t Wait Any Longer…Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Ends Sunday 8/6

As the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wraps up I decided to put together one last post with the basic wardrobe essentials.  There is a trend toward minimalism, including Project 333, where you only wear 33 items for 3 months!  Some women are brave enough for a complete overall and up for the 33 item challenge, however if that is not for you there is still something to be said about adding great basics to your closet.  All of my picks below are designed to all work together for whatever the occasion and should help take the stress out of getting dressed in the morning.  Happy shopping and closet reorganizing!

Click on the images below to add any of these items to your closet!

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About Heather Liskow

Heather Liskow has been immersed in fashion and retail from her early college days working as a fragrance model (aka mall spritzer). She went on to intern at Neiman Marcus and landed a job at Laura Mercier cosmetics after graduating from Texas A&M. During her 12 year tenure, Laura Mercier grew from an entrepreneurial start up to a globally recognized brand. She was most recently the DVP of Planning but also held marketing and sales jobs along the way. In 2009 her husband’s career took her and her family to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During their 4 year expat assignment Heather further established her love for retail while shopping all over Asia. Upon returning to the US, Heather has worked for Trish McEvoy and many other volunteer assignments in her community. Heather is married to her husband Kyle and they have two amazing girls, Samantha and Emily. She joins My Red Glasses as Director of Business Development.

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