Charla Krupp Says "You NEVER Have to Look Fat Again"

Charla, who is known for her extensive research, does not take this #1 challenge for ALL women lightly. She has organized a very simple, humorous, and very direct guide that tells you how to conquer each of your many body issues and the end result is that you really can look 10 pounds thinner in just about 10 minutes if you follow her tricks.
In interviewing Charla, she was very clear that this book is different from the many “style books” that are on the shelves today. She doesn’t make you test what fruit you are or what celebrity you want to look like. She knows that we have all been there and we’re much savvier than that. Instead, Charla chose beautiful large size models, size 10-14 (average size for American women is 14!) and uses these aspirational real women of all ages as her canvas to illustrate her points. The “Fears of Summer” are here, that time of year when Charla’s tips are most needed. So, before you put on that swimsuit, bare those arms, legs or whatever, you must check this book out. Available at,, Barnes & to name a few.

Following are a few highlights from my delightful and very informative Q & A with the style-gal herself!

RP: You mentioned that most women are just too busy to notice how the clothes choices that they make, make them look fat. You did a chapter on “How to tell”, which deals with that? What inspired your categories here?
CK: I looked at Shape, Fabric, Color, etc. and rated them by HIGH FAT, LOW FAT AND NO-FAT because I feel that the American women have become such smart shoppers at the grocery store and get it when they are looking for fat content in what they eat, so it only makes sense that is how they feel comfortable approaching what they wear in the same way!

RP: Can you give me a few of your opinions on some of my favorite apparel and accessories choices and tell me how to use them to make me look thinner?
CK: LEGGINGS: Number 1, should never be worn as a replacement for pants, must have a dress or long tunic to cover
your rear. Be careful of white and length is most important; should be to ankle and not mid-calf; that is not pretty?!
EYEWEAR; (needless to say, my redglasses are part of my life!) Caution here is that round frames can actually make
your face appear wide and chubby. Not a good look! Go rectangular. (woohoo, I guess I’m ok)
Life-saver for Summertime dressing; great for “middle management”, buddha bellies, wide hips/thighs, etc.
look best if v-neck to show some skin and waist-less (empire, shifts, a-line)

RP: Please tell us your dress-thinner strategies for Summer?!
CK: Here are my summer uniform suggestions: light colored pants w/tunics, v-neck tops and/or long cardigans and dresses,
dresses, dresses! Opt for v-necks over high necks to show some skin.

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