New in Store: TOOTSIES

How do the best stores in town keep us shopping gals interested season after season? They send their talented buyers off to find the hipest and hautest new designers out there, select the styles they know we’re gonna love and the rest is all for us to pick and choose.

TOOTSIES has put together a superb group of newbies and are showcasing one of them this week with a Sip + See with SACHIN+BABIN, one of my personal favorites of the new crop. Some of the other new lines that are at various stages of delivery to the store are Ian, Herian, Patterson J. Kinkaid, Elizabeth & James, by the Olsen twins (not the newest but hauter than a pistol these days!), The Row, also by those fashionista sisters, and Halston Heritage to name a few. ALL of these a must see……….so, drop by and take a look and check out what’s new for Spring from your ol’ favorites as well!

For more details on what’s Hot & New at TOOTSIES for Spring, click on to their site;

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