Chic Happening……..Crystal Princess

Chic Find……… Mindy Lam’s Beautiful Intricate Collection!

Mindy Lam, the mistress of crystal jewelry design, was just at Tootsies this week-end to bring her version of holiday cheer to her friends through a show of her newest designs. Mindy is known for her distinctive hand-crafted jewels of Swarovski crystals. gems and pearls. Her collection includes amazing brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and evening bags. Her Nostalgia Collection continues as her most popular designs. Each one-of-a-kind brooch is created from vintage brooches that Mindy re-designs and beautifully re-embellishes, each becoming an exquisite work of art.

Stop by Tootsies to see Mindy’s collection that could be just that special treat you promised yourself for the Holidays!

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