Donna Karan Prepares for Upcoming Landmark Anniversary of DKNY with Styles that Reflect Back….

Could it really be happening that Donna Karan’s DKNY is turning 25 next year?  I didn’t make it to this show during NY Fashion Week as I was not out of Houston yet, thank you Nemo!  However, I was there, back when in the late ’80′s, at Foley’s when the first deliveries hit the floor of DKNY…..and believe it or not still own many of those original pieces. Just can’t part with them whether I wear them now or not….I feel too much a part of being there when it all started to let it go.

So, it appears that Donna has reflected also back on the label’s beginnings. With all of the retro wear that the younger set has to have these days, it’s no wonder that Donna invited Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony to partner on this reissue of some of her big looks of the 90’s.

This line has always been about the city working girl, specifically the New York City one or any urban working gal. (Houston, take note, we’re pretty darn urban!)  The color palette of camel, black, white, and grey with pops of fire-engine red and shocking pink!  Inclusive in this collection is an over-the-top recognition for the love of animal prints, leopard specifically, in all sizes of print and colors. Plus I love the touches of evening wear.

Archives aside, this collection is a reflection of what the modern working wardrobe should be for the newbies to the label and for those of us that have worn this line from its beginning, we get many of the classics back that we fell in love with at first sight.

Highlights of Donna Karan’s DKNY Collection for Fall 2013 (to see more styles, visit

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2 thoughts on “Donna Karan Prepares for Upcoming Landmark Anniversary of DKNY with Styles that Reflect Back….

  1. This is scary, I was first customer when she opened the first shop at Bloomingdales, mt friend and I were waiting on the floor before she was ready so she played ladies with me, I still have my double breasted tuxedo jacket and my jeans that went with it from that day…is it really 25 years ago? OMG before Laura Nelson was born!

  2. How about those Hanes white t-shirt body suits, still own plus she did lots and lots of navy pieces that are still in my closet that I can’t let go of.

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