Eco-Chic Find……Haven Restaurant…

There’s been lots of conversation, as to just what former Brennan’s chef, Randy Evans was up to and I for one was anxiously awaiting the outcome. It was not until chatting with Randy at a recent AHA Heart Ball event that I finally got the scoop from the man himself that his new restaurant venture, HAVEN, was open for business.

Where have I been, you ask? It did open on December 15, it’s almost February and how have I not made it there yet? I don’t know, December and the holidays are still a blur in my mind and January, which has flown, is about the same. However, I made it there with a group of friends last week and knew immediately that it was worth the wait. I liked everything about this restaurant, tucked away on this tiny little street off Kirby. First, the place itself, built by Collaborative Projects, a Houston firm that specializes in “green architecture”, has a clean, sophistication in the decor of its indoor/outdoor space. The menu, from it’s “seasonal kitchen” is called that because all of the ingredients are from local farmers within a 100 mi. radius……so if the menu item calls for an herb, not grown here at the moment, it is replaced by a dish that is.
Randy’s menu items that he calls “Modern Texas Cuisine,” were taken from some of his favorite foods that he has altered with an upscale flair. A great example and a fave at our table was the Shrimp Corndogs, served with a side splash of lemonade, reminiscent of Randy’s two childhood favorites.

Haven Restaurant…..a seasonal kitchen!
2502 Algerian Way
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 581-6101

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