Eco-Chic Find……..One Green Street

Ready to shop GREEN? One Green Street is open for you….

Proprietor, Sherry Eichberger had a dream, literally, of a healthier, happy world and from that dream founded One Green Street, an organic lifestyle destination for all. This is not just a store but the cornerstone of a concept that was created to educate all of us about living eco-friendly lives. Every aspect of the store has been designed and constructed from sustainable products.
It starts, as all great retail environments should, with carefully selected products from socially responsible vendors that were hand-picked by Sherry and her hubby, Dave. This unique selection includes must have items in beauty, fashion and home accessories, all designed to give the consumer choices that are chocked full of fashion, enhanced by their eco-minded message. The end result was lots to look at, understand and purchase, which made my entire shopping experience there such fun! It’s great to see how sustainable products are evolving. You will no longer be forced to make the choice of buying fashion or green?! One Green Street’s selection proves that you can have both!

Some of the options are….
* W3LL People cosmetics….all natural luxury, mineral-based, toxin-free beauty collection; wow, it’s got to make you glow!
* Beer Soap Co…….made from, you guessed it, some of your favorite spirits; one of my faves was “Black Pepper and Lime” from Corona, also, Red Dawn from Samuel Adams and of course, I’ve always been a Heineken girl and loved “Pale Lager”…….and no, the fragrance is a fresh scent, you need not worry that you will be smelling like your last night’s over-indulgence?!
*Billy Jealousy….an organic cosmeceutical line of luscious creams for guys and gals; Shaving cream just voted #1 by Esquire Mag.
*A Lot to Say……an adorable line of cotton t’s and undies, imprinted with witty sayings
*Mandika Bags.…handbags “upcycled” from Men’s Suits; must see to believe, they’re darling
*Ruby Sue…..fabric rose clustered tie necklaces, embellished with stones; this fabric jewelry trend is all over Europe these days and was so well executed that I have had my own dream of the Red Rose Necklace that has my name all over it!
*Loomstate…..unisex line of sustainable fashion jeans and shirts

I could go on and on about so many of the one-of-a-kind items that intrigued me so. I am still enamored by their unique usage of many of the everyday products we have around us that have been recycled or upcycled in a way that gives them a second life, so much more interesting than their first!

Sherry has developed eco-icon stickers for each item that tells you if it’s organic, handmade, natural, recycled or upcycled, my new favorite buzz word that means, “taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value.”

So, drop in to One Green Street and check it out. Your choice is either to just hang out in “The Gathering Place,” space where guests are invited to enjoy a warm seating area in the Home section or to Shop! You will be educated, you will definitely have fun, you will make a purchase, I’m sure, and you will be supporting the environment in a very special way!

Where is One Green Street?
5160 Buffalo Speedway (Kroger shopping center at Hwy. 59)
Houston, Texas 77005
(713) 866-469-8527

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