Fashionable Packables #2…Beauty’s Minis are Making a Splash for Summer Travel!

Hair and makeup products available at Sephora

It’s finally happening! Something that I have begged for for years (I’m sure this is not a unique request from me and that many of you have asked for this as well!?)  Mini-sized cosmetics are actually being produced for travel in all of the right sizes to get you through security in a breeze.  We’ve all begged our sales person at Neiman’s, Saks, Nordstrom maybe, during heavy travel months for small samples of products that we love, particularly in skin care, where the home jar/bottle is just too big to pack!  Sometimes they had them but not always and if your trip was on the lengthy side, those samples, which were designed for an application or two had you begging shamelessly for more. That is no longer the case…mini-sized cosmetics have arrived!

A significant leader in this mini-sized trend has been Sephora, whose online site offers pages of minis, samples and freebies, all available in small travel-friendly sizes. They also have minis accessible at all check-out lines for you to pick from when you are waiting to purchase.  A similar concept can be found at Macy’s with their Beauty Bar, which I first noticed at Holiday time, when I was on the search for stocking stuffers and found many of the products I was dying to try or ones that I knew others loved, now available in mini sizes.

Products available at Sephora

So the message here is multi-faceted.  The Beauty industry has finally realized there is a big plus business to be had in minis in months like July, a huge vacation travel month, when demand for these correct travel sized minis is very high and have risen to the occasion. Many brands have taken Sephora’s lead and the large assortment in their stores and online is getting larger.

Origins Travel Pouch, 3 oz. Urban Traveler Kit & 3 oz. Spa in Air Kit

Origins has stepped up, instore and online, and done a TSA-approved travel kit, filled with eight essential products. If you buy at least four of these products, the pouch is free. There is also a special online site that has been established called, where you can find all categories of mini-sized products at your fingertips.  Lastly, if you just can’t find your special product, The Container store has expanded it’s offering of clear pouches, jars and containers, all airport security friendly, that are  just waiting to be filled by you with your favorite beauty must-haves.

The Container Store Clear Zipper Cubes

So travelers out there, be prepared, your favorite brands are listening and finally get it.  If you travel, you have minis to lower your packing stress. If you’re curious, want to try something new, but want to make your commitment minimal or have a friend you’d love to share a great gift with without breaking the family trust, you have that option as well.

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