Fresh Fall Fashion Trend: The Pantsuit is Back!

Yes, they are back!  For those of us that have been in this fabulously exciting business, we call the fashion biz (not wanting to share my personal number of years in the business, let’s just say I’ve walked around a few runways), we know a lot about fashion cycles.  They’re getting shorter by the season!  It seems as though it was only  yesterday (actually it was the 90’s) that  dresses were an after-thought, and tailored sportswear was all that women cared about.  The American woman was taken with the comfort and ease of finding the perfect pant and jacket to wear to most any occasion and their closets were chocked full of these perfectly matched sets. After all, that was Coco Channel’s idea when she invented the pantsuit in the ‘30’s!  Then a couple of things happened that changed all of that.

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The new millennium brought about a new way of creative dressing and individualism and boundaries were loosened. Designer jeans came on the scene, women loved them, they cost about as much as a good trouser pant anyway and when paired with a jacket, sweater or great white shirt, could take you to many of the same occasions as the pantsuit, and let’s face it, made you feel much hipper!

The other hot fashion idea that took on gigantic momentum was the return of the Dress.  Somehow it just happened, that dresses became hot and every fashion-savvy executive in the business began a campaign back to femininity and flirtiness and frocks for day and evening, became all the rage (not that this is about me, but I was one of those execs. that carried that dress torch very high,and still love them). It just felt so right at the time, and the era of the return of the dress began. It even became a wear-to-work option when it became just fine to wear a jacket or sweater over a dress to the office.  So, in 2010, the pendulum swings back… from party frocks to versatile menswear inspired tailored pantsuits.

So for this Fall Season, in this business climate where designers are not wanting to step too far out there and  trends are extending into more than one season, nothing has excited me more in this season of classic dressing than the return of the pantsuit. I’m ready! Nothing out there looks, or feels newer, fresher, chic-er or more modern than a great looking PANTSUIT!

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Since pantsuits are about the most versatile outfit out there and can take you just about any where you need to go, no need to spend a lot of time on how to wear them, after all that is the part that makes it so easy, they are a matched set.  However, do make them your own with a few new touches of the season. Particularly since we have been in such a feminine cycle, you can feminize these suits with touches of lace for underpinnings, a feminine blouse, belts or lots of pearls. Add a great new classic pump or boot, either can work with all leg widths and the newest top handle or clutch bags finish off the look.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Do not think that you can just take a quick walk into your closet, pull out those old suits and be ready to go. Do shop your closet first, and if there are some that you feel still work, PLEASE SEE A GOOD ALTERATION PERSON (I have contacts if you need them) to properly fit them to look modern and new.  When shopping the stores, look for the real deal, tailored pantsuits and not mix and match which are not this year’s look and again, ensure that if alterations are needed, do it, they must be properly fitted!

So, as you make that short, thoughtful shopping list that you should have begun using by now, add this idea to it.  For many of you GenY gals, you probably have never owned a pantsuit.  Try it, it’s a whole new look for you!  For you Baby Boomers out there, show your style. They’re back, and they look great.  Comics be ware, no more Hillary pantsuit jokes, that smart lady was fashionably ahead of her time!!

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  1. Glad to know pantsuits are back…sorry to say I didn’t know they were out. Duh! Let’s hope I can find one in a pretty color vs black for a normal sized woman with hips. Any suggestions? Thanks for the great blog!

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