From Her Farm in Vermont…100% Natural Skincare from Tata Harper…

Recently, Columbia-born, now Vermont resident, Tata Harper, made an appearance at Neiman Marcus Galleria to treat many of her regular customers to a Master Class on Beauty, the Tata Harper Way!  Her reason for being here was two-fold, to conduct this class that teaches “the order of things” to her customers…with the end result being a more beautiful, glowing skin by using all of her products in proper sequence and correct application.

She also had some exciting news for all with the introduction of her Supernatural Collection of (3) Boosting Contour Serums. After the success of her Rejuvenating Serum (#1 product in her line), she has taken its global anti-aging abilities that does it all and taken it to the next level which attacks sagginess and firming issues around jaw lines and necks… a problem many of us face!

She was also introducing her (3) lip treatments that heal, correct and plump your pucker.  The plumping is interesting as she injects fat to make your fat cells fatter…..interesting concept wouldn’t you say?!

About Tata Harper:

Courtesy of; Tata on her Vermont farm alongside her three most popular products: Rejuvenating Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum and Hydrating Floral Essence (divine spray toner)

Tata was born in Columbia where she says, “beauty was not a luxury, but a priority.” She grew up trying many products.  It was not until her Stepfather was stricken with cancer in 2004 that she spent much time with him learning how to make lifestyle changes to survive, that her interest and awareness grew. Together they learned about nutrition for the body and about how proper topical ingredients applied to the skin made for a healthier skin and a healthier you.

She began working with scientists and produced her first products, which I might add was not one, but twelve at once and are many of the mainstays of her collection today.  Everything from mild cleansers (soaps & detergents are  harmful, says Tata) to serums, toners (spray I love!), and a mask that she claims to be so delicious you want to eat it up, and is loved by many of her clients as one of her best sellers.  She has developed a cult following among her clients and celebs in both America and U.K. and has had many features in Vogue  and Allure and celebrity followers such as Gwyneth Paltrow.

Above are many of her products that are 100% natural, with only approximately 20% produced from the farms of Vermont.  The balance of her ingredients come from many exotic places around the globe…..France, Australia, Madagascar, Israel, Tasmania and more…as she shops the world for the finest natural ingredients.

Tata Harper does great sets for travel or for sampling so that you can try her regimen as it was designed by her to give each of us maximum skin rejuvenation and glow.  I must say I am addicted to her Rejuvenating Cleanser that is a daily exfoliant filled with mild apricot seeds…leaves my face feeling clean and baby soft, which I love! I’m also a huge fan of her Hydrating Floral Essence Spray and use it daily as well.

As an added taste of pleasure before I left her, Tata insisted that I rub onto my legs, which get so dry right now, her Rejuvenating Body Oil, which was a great feel. She also uses it on her arms and hair for a completely soft feeling that she swears is divine!  A must try for me, as many of these products should be for you!  Stop by and see Gul at the Tata Harper counter at Neiman Marcus. She will teach and you will learn! You can also visit and or her website and learn so much more at

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