Gloria Gaynor and the Smiths Get the Pink Crowd Moving at Galleria Salute to Cancer Survivors

I was lucky to be a last minute addition for an exciting happening at the Houston Galleria this past Saturday, as Lester and Sue Smith master-minded in a grand style that only they can make happen!  It was a dance tribute (aka flash mob) of 300 women, 100 of which were breast cancer survivors and their supporters, that converted what started out as just an ordinary Saturday morning of shoppers in front of Macy’s, into a Gloria Gaynor-led  Disco dance-a-thon to her famous rendition of “I Will Survive.The excitement in the air was contagious as this celebration of National Cancer Survivor’s Day was brought to life, in grand H-town style.  Most importantly this tribute of support will lead many deserving Breast Cancer Foundations to have the opportunity to participate in a competition for funds that Lester and Sue’s Pink Well Challenge will hand out to the tune of $1 million, across the country.

So please, check out the You Tube video, share with all of your friends and fellow supporters and make this event bigger than life as we lead the battle against this challenging disease for women. Hopefully it will make you feel as good as it did for us, to know that we are doing something to continue to spread the word…that we all can survive!

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