How to Look Cool While Keeping Cool!

Memorial Day is here…hard to believe I know! (was it really 96 today?) Summer is here, school is almost over and the time is upon us to head for the beach, pool, or whatever chillin’ route we wish to take. Although no one really seems to have lazy days anymore, even in summer…call it what you want, summer has arrived and the following are some of the coolest fashion stuff to keep you cool for the next few months!

Fashion Eyewear: Sunglasses

Tom Ford's plastics, Derek Lam Cateyes, Elizabeth & James newest, William Rast Aviators, Carrerra Red transluscents

Fashion Eyewear has quickly become many gals ‘n guys fave new accessory and sunglasses are no exception to this craving for chic-ness, plus they provide functionality…they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.  Trends this year are Wayfarers and Cat Eyes (so chic, feminine and right for fashion now!). There’s animal prints, texture, rounds, translucents and of course the look that never goes away and is the perfect complement to the 70s influence in fashion right now…the Aviator! Designers are all leaving their mark in this category from Armani, Prada and Chanel to the new favorite, Tom Ford and the newest kids on the block, the Olsen girls, are all the buzz with the launch of their Elizabeth & James collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Donie Burch, Accessory Buyer at Tootsies says, “Elizabeth & James are the perfect summer accessory, unconventional and tailored all at the same time.”

Hats:  Wide Brims & Fedoras

Burberry's soft woven, J.Crew novelty straw, Juicy's Straw Fedora, Natural floppy wide

The Hat, especially the wide brim, has never been more important as  fashion & function as it is now with all of the emphasis on skincare. Women are spending lots of bucks on their precious faces and they just must be protected in the chic-est way!  Wide brims are #1, followed closely, especially by those CYT’s, who are enamored with the array of darling straw fedoras. This hat and a little attitude will take you anywhere from the beach to dinner.  The fabric choice for all styles is natural, some with embellished threads running through. Of course, lastly, the style to mention that just keeps on kicking (here anyway) is the straw cowboy hat…never out of style, you go girl!

Handbags:  Straw Totes

Bop Basics' straw shoulder tote, Elaine Turner's coated pink straw, Rosa Cha's Natural w/pop color, Tory Burch's canvas

Straw is the look, natural is the color and totes are #1  but it doesn’t end there. a bientot, whose windows have been packed full of Straw Totes in every size, when asked what the consumers are loving so far, the response from co-owner Betty Newton was, “It is without a doubt ALL selling, they are buying them all. The shoppers are spending again.”

Canvas has had some play, totes are in all sizes and clutches in straw are one of my fave summer looks for this season. Color has been popped and can be found in all-over looks, but it is definitely the secondary story to natural straw for the beach, the pool or just for shopping…great for the environment and keeps those plastic bags away! Best styles are from Tory Burch and Elaine Turner.

Flip Flops:  Havianas, Freewaters and Tory

Tory Burch pattern w/metallic, Haviana's colors, Haviana's Make Your Own, Freewaters (flip flops for a cause, CLEAN WATER)

Nothing beats a fave rubber flip flop for running the streets or to the beach or pool on a hot summer’s day.  The leaders of the pack are Havianas, that I have been known to buy by the bag-full at a bientot for my family of (3) females or the Tory Burch for a touch of rubber dress-up!  This year Haviana has come up with their “Make Your Own” where you can literally customize your colors, patterns, etc. online and get in return, the perfect flip flop for YOU! Click on for details. A newbie on the flip flop-for-a-cause scene this year are Freewaters. Started by two people in Santa Cruz, Ca, the brand is committed to product excellence and focused on a single social cause…CLEAN WATER!

Visit, for details.

Summer is here folks….it’s fashion’s time to dress down. Enjoy!

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