I'm Off to Florence…What Will I Choose?

FlorenceWill I really have ALL of these choices and what will I do? Will it be Armani, Gucci or Prada, and will I pay full price on Via Tornabuoni or head to the outlets (which I hear are divino!). For jewelry, must have a bauble from my favorite, Angela Caputti? Or will I find so many jewelers that I’ll have a trinket-breakdown?  Then there’s the Straw Market for fun giftables to bring home.  Must stop there and cannot leave without a photo op of Alan enjoying one good bartering session?!

Will the Medicis have some of my time? Of course, and do I really want to see the David once more? And the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, Piti Palace. Oh my, there is so much culture!  Will I jog along the River Arno…you bet your risotto, I will! Got to keep those calories sizzling as they burn away and get filled back in on a daily basis?! I won’t even go there, about the eating! Will I be able to stop those Italians from feeding me from dawn to well past dusk…BASTA!!! (enough), I will say, but am always convinced to eat just a little more white beans, another slice of the heavenly breads, and of course, a gelato for the walk home? Hence that Arno jog will be a must!

I’m so excited and feeling my Italian roots as I write about my upcoming trip to Italy this Saturday to Florence, one of my favorite cities in the world! It’s still hard for me to believe that I will be there for 10 days visiting Florence and the quaint small towns along the Tuscan and Umbria countrysides. We’ll visit Sienna, San Giamano, Lucca, Assissi to name just a few. Lots of pics will be taken and notes written, to be shared along the way and upon my return.

You will have to wait for my return blog posting to know if I managed to do it all and judge if I made the right choices.

The one thing I am most definitely choosing is to smother my bambina, Crystin, with abracci e baci (hugs & kisses) as she is the reason we’ll be there. Seeing her, is our first choice!

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