Judith Leiber's Overture….

So you have always dreamed of owning a Judith Leiber bag, realizing that there is nothing much more glamorous than a crystal encrusted miniadiere. However, the four digit figures for these bags have been typically reserved for the red carpet and gala going set…until now. Mary Gleason, president of Judith Leiber, tells Fashion Etc., “We found that there was a tremendous amount of J.L. product being sold in secondary markets like eBay and Gilt Groupe, in price points of $200-$800 and surely, we could develop something for that customer.”  That they did, and the line is called Judith Leiber’s Overture and launches this Fall at their own boutiques and stores such as Bergdorf’s and Neiman Marcus, offering choices to that customer.  It can also be found at stores such as Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom where the high-end line is not available.  The opportunity for them to reach a wider audience is enormous.  After all, isn’t that what all of these designers are up for these days…..reaching out to the younger set and aspirational customers at prices they can afford?The new collection with price points from $200-$700, also gives the designer the ability to step out a little more with fun and fashion trends that may have been too edgy for their investment-minded, higher-end consumer.  It has been said that this line is more for the girls who party than the ladies who lunch!

The 15 style line includes: leopard prints, chunky chain straps and metallic studded satin, all in the same signature taste of the originals. It’s a win, win for all….for the Judith Leiber customer, there are now more choices and for the Leiber wannabees, they will be there for you for the first time.  How exciting!

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