Let's Celebrate The Chic Sheet's Haute New Look!

fireworksI know The Chic Sheet Blog has been away for awhile, but I just had to do it.  My team and I had to finish the makeover of The Chic Sheet and make it look newer and fresher for YOU. I’ve listened to your comments and ideas and  have incorporated many of them into the new website design.  I am so thankful for your support, so please let me continue to hear from you!  You can use our new comments section in the blog or send me an email at roz@myredglasses.com. I promise you lots of great fashion stories coming your way, but for today, I just have to tell you about my new site!

We’ve updated everything! Here are a few highlights of some of the very special new features:

1. Redesigned email blasts to keep you in the know on all the latest fashion, dining and chic happenings in town.

2. An Exciting New Home Page that is much more in tune with what is happening in the moment.  Plus, we’ve added a spot for great fashion images and links to some of my favorite places on the web.  We’ve also enhanced the Chic Boutique & Dining listings by area of the city.  Finally, you can view upcoming Chic Happenings and Chic Deals right from the home page.

3. We’ve expanded Chic Boutiques to include great Dining Spots as a fab reference tool for the best of Houston’s premier shopping districts.  No matter what part of Houston you are in, you will know the places that are Chic Sheet approved!  Need an address or phone number of a hip store while you are out and about?  You can check the Chic Boutique listings on your phone!  Sugar Land and  The Woodlands, stay tuned, we will be adding Chic Boutiques and Restaurants for your neighborhoods soon.

4. Improved Chic Happenings Listings. Want to know what fashion events are going on in the city? Check out Chic Happenings for the season’s listing. We’ve included some photos of some of Houston’s  hottest events around town and would love it if you would send us some of your pics to add……..after all, we can’t be everywhere!

5. Fabulous Chic Deals will clue you in on the best deals in town.  We will let you know where the best buys are as soon as we know about them.  To Boutique and Restaurant owners around the city and to our P.R. buddies, please give us the scoop and we promise not to keep it a secret! Lastly, we’ve shared some of our favorite online designer off-price retailers. How would we survive without Gilt Group, Outnet, Rue la la, Ideeli, just to name a few? We believe in supporting our local retail but let’s be real, there are those bad-est of  days when stepping out the front door is just not an option.

6. We’ve redone our blog and will be posting more frequently.  As a fashion industry insider, I receive so much info that I just want to share with my readers and don’t want to wait until the weekly email blast, so check me out throughout the week. You’ll be fascinated by what you read!

7. New Meet Roz Page is there just in case you don’t know me.  You can even learn how I can benefit your business or be there for you personally to assist with all your fashion emergencies!

8.  Updated Contact Us Page explains itself, however, there is a great little tool under there that I so much want you to use.  The Chic Advisory is where you can ask me anything about fashion or shopping (please, no boyfriend questions) and I’ll email you back an answer.  PLEASE USE THIS……IT’S FOR YOU, and don’t worry, I’ll never tell that you asked!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the new website as much as I have enjoyed getting it together for you.  As you know by now, I love fashion and our city and ALL that it has to offer. I look forward to sharing with you my perspective on The Chic Sheet. After all, it is Fashion Through My Red Glasses!

0 thoughts on “Let's Celebrate The Chic Sheet's Haute New Look!

  1. Roz, the website looks FANTASTIC! It’s so great to finally see the finished product. I look forward to reading the upcoming blog entries!

  2. This website is haute. Very informative, and stylish. Very impressed. I am so glad I discovered it. I look forward to catching up on old, and reading new blog posts.

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