Modern Fashion Footwear with a Vintage Inspiration

When I stopped by Tootsies on my way home for a quick look at a shoe collection that I had heard some good things about, I was immediately taken with the designer, her energy and her great sense of style.  Bettye Muller and I immediately clicked when I consistently gravitated to her personal favorites.  I loved that she had done a “smoking shoe” for Fall, a loafer-like flat with a gold toe that had that androgynous look of the perfect compliment to the menswear smoking jacket.  Another eye-catcher for me was a dress sandal in black with navy polka dots, so understated and so tastefully done. This newest color combo for Fall has been totally embraced by many designers and myself as well!  I actually found myself getting excited by the shoes and the designer was such a vivacious personality chocked full of fashion knowledge that I could have stayed and chatted forever.

Spring Stillettos in Raffia, Pattern and Exotics:

About Bettye Muller: She comes from great shoe-stock. She’s no rookie to the appreciation and understanding of great shoes.  She began as a collector of vintage shoes that exceeded 500 in number.  She has loved shoes, that was apparent, but they were not the only interest of this New York native.  She participated in many artistic fields, was an ice skater and shoe model first and then began her first small collection of shoes in London in the 1980’s.

Spring Casuals in Bold Hues, Tribal Prints & Textured Wedges:

Her experience living and traveling extensively abroad gave her a great appreciation for fine fabrics that was reflected in her first collection of 60 shoes.  Also, she took much from her vintage collection and produced shoes that spanned decades from the modern 50’s to early 20’s and beyond, all reflecting the designer’s eclectic taste.  I have pulled and photoed from her varied collection at Tootsies.  The day I was there and of course, as you read this, you will see some great takes on Spring trends of exotic leathers, raffia and pattern that are right on runway trend.  Current Spring colors were apparent in both solid and tribal prints and I’ve shown you here just a lite bite of Fall 2012.  Much more, including boots, will be available later.

Fall 2012 Sneak Peek:

So for me, what began as  just a “drop by” almost became a “drag away” as I loved visiting with Bettye and picking her brain for lots of fashion chatter!  For you to see more from this designer, click on her site,

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