More Than You Can Image Gifts Goes DOT COM!

I’ve always been a loyal fan of Vicki Rizzo and her More Than You Can Imagine Boutique near River Oaks where I love to drop by to either  take my gently-loved garments or just go and marvel at much of what she carries and the prices that adorn these designer frocks.
Of late, MTYCI has made giant leaps into the gift business and have become a great “pick-up” place (I say this in only the best way!) for quick gifts on your way to a birthday party or luncheon…and, the beauty is that all gifts are sexy-ly wrapped in her trademark animal print packaging.

So, if you are having one of those days that a quick run-by to the store is still too much, now Vicki has taken her gifts to the web and you can shop there, as well as her store if you’re a touch-n-feel type of person.

One of my favorite things, happens to also be “Oprah’s F.T.’s”, the LAFCO Candles in such yummy reusable color containers and in fragrances specific to homes you love and the specific rooms included in them such as Ranch House, Beach House, Ski House or Master Bedroom to name a few. (all listed on site).  Love the i-phone charger and case in great metallic skins, $98.  The fortune cookies in silver plate, a perfect hostess gift or great way to give personalized best wishes as the message inside is blank, for your very own message, only $14.

For more holiday gift ideas at your fingertips, click

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