Not too Soon to Think College Tailgating Chic….

While browsing the internet, my totally hip interns, Megan and Sarah, came across the perfect accessory for the fashion-cool college sports enthusiast on the Neiman Marcus shopping site….its name, Gameday Boots. Whether you are a die-hard fan, a student or an alum, tailgating fever will soon be upon us, so prepare yourself to look awesome by ordering now, your custom College Cowboy/Cowgirl boots from Gameday.

This relatively new company, started in 2011 is based in Austin, Texas and is licensed for over 70 colleges. They produce fine quality leather boots, customized with the logo and mascot of your school right on the boot.  Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing, these boots are only $399, not a lot of $$$ for a custom leather boot. Mostly available online, they can be ordered and delivered in approximately three weeks.  Gameday also offers custom handbags at $99 if boots are not your thing……but please girls, don’t do both, matchy-matchy would not be the way to go here!

As Gameday is not a retail site, you can check it out at and it will give you locations where you can purchase on the net for the full assortment.

TO MAKE IT EASY TO PURCHASE, YOU CAN CLICK ON THE BOOTS BELOW (a sampling of some of the more popular colleges for our neck of the woods), AND BUY THEM ONLINE RIGHT HERE! JUST CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE SITE TO PURCHASE IT RIGHT NOW! Buy for yourself, your daughter or son whose about to head to college or if you still haven’t found that perfect Graduation gift for someone, here it is!

BOOT IT UP and show your school spirit in a unique and of course, hip and trendy way……


1. University of Texas Brown 2.  University of Alabama 3.  University of Virginia 4.  Duke Boots (Available at Neiman Marcus)  5.  University of Michigan 6. UGA 7.  Texas A&M 8.  University of Houston (Available at Neiman Marcus)  9.  Vanderbilt (Available at Neiman Marcus)  10.  University of Texas White/Orange Boots 11.  LSU 12.  Ole Miss

About Roz Pactor

I am a fashion and marketing consultant and blogger based in Houston, Texas. With more than three decades of experience in fashion retailing that has spanned Foley’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s NYC, I have earned a reputation for delivering expertise, energy and enthusiasm to my roster of clients. I have remained closely connected with designer women’s fashion as well as the misses, teens, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories markets from coast to coast.

3 thoughts on “Not too Soon to Think College Tailgating Chic….

  1. Hi Roz, If your readers don’t want to wait 3 weeks for Gameday Boots we have 6 top Texas universities and LSU all in-stock! We can also special order any of the other 70 schools available. They really are the perfect tailgating accessory!

  2. Bought mine last year – UT of course, and bought some from UVA for my daughter’n law who went wild over them, LOL!! Of course it took getting my son to sneak into her closet to assess her “size”. James Bond he is NOT!!

    They’re really comfy too. Hook ‘em!!

    Lynda T

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