Our Most BEAUTY-FULL Time Of The Year!

This season of giving means also a season of partying, and we’re here to make sure that you take a few moments from all of this hectic holiday scheduling for YOU, so that you look most your most beautifully glamorous and stylishly on trend. We’ve also added a few of our favorite beauty gift-giving ideas in our bonus section of great beauty buys for gals and guys!

Here are some Chic Sheet beauty tips of the season:

Chic Sheet Holiday Beauty Trends

LIPS: One of the hottest makeup trends for the holiday season is bright, bold lipstick. A flash of color on the lips, in RED or DAY-GLO PINK, can certainly make the season bright! Beauty tip here: keep the rest of your face neutral and use blush to add dimension. Bold lips, soft eyes; Bold eyes, glossy nude lips!
EYES: A hot holiday makeup look here is the winged shadow look or cat-eyes as they’ve been called. Winged shadow takes the traditional smoky eye and transforms it with only 1 eye shadow shade and a trace of the inner rims to extend beyond the eye. This not for everyone look may be reserved for the daring, however, something that can be added to everyone’s eye shadow palette this season is the color purple, exotic and flattering to most!
HAIR: Hair has so many options and is so personal to you, your hair’s personality and each event that the choices are limitless.  Depending on whether you want to wear your hair down, half up, in a ponytail or in an up do, there are lots of hairstyles that are hot this holiday season. Soft waves, loose and natural are the way to go for down or partially down looks. Ponytails add sophistication to your look and if you feel you just must have an up-do to look special, then a romantic bun, a sophisticated chignon or a twisted top knot all say haute holiday party hair!
NAILS: One of the obvious holiday nail trends is RED POLISH. It’s great for the holiday traditionalist or the younger sophisticate and is sure to always guarantee that you feel cheery and sexy at the same time!  The newest haute nail color to try this holiday season is SILVER, a continuation of the metallic, glitzy trend…all the way down to your fingertips!

It’s not too late to think about how you want to look for the holiday party scene, and remember the biggest party night of the year is ahead of us…New Year’s Eve is only 17 days away!

We’ve given you some ideas on how to “glam up” for Holiday festivities, now we’ll share with you some of our most favorite beauty gifts out there for friends and fam. Let’s face it, the choices are endless, the emails and catalogs keep coming so to narrow down just a few was a challenge. These items are just a sampling of some great beauty products out there at every price point. The following items can be found at stores around town.


Chic Sheet Gift Ideas for Women

CLARISONIC skin cleansing and revitalization(anti-aging) system is the HOT beauty item this season! This little machine is a beauty wonder for all ages and as a simple cleansing tool can do magic for your face and entire body. It can be found at all the fine specialty stores such as Neimans Marcus, Sephora, Saks, and Nordstrom.

Perfume Sampler from Sephora, $50 (valued at $96), is a great present when you aren’t sure what perfume to buy. I LOVE SAMPLERS and they can be found in versions at all leading retailers. We just happened to pick this one. These 12 fragrance samples are a range of Sephora’s best selling women’s fragrances. The best part of all is that it includes a voucher for a full size version of 1 of the samples. A great find!

The Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit from Target, $9.99, is a great purchase for the girl on the go at such a great price. This 6-piece set includes 5 small, travel size brushes- perfect for applying eye shadow with a mirror, that comes in handy! Follow the link for more info! Looking for something different and whimsical, reminder: while you’re in Target, don’t forget, this is still the only place in the states tp purchase that fun, Brit, skincare line, Boots.

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, is a world-renowned skin cream that works wonders! That’s why it has made Oprah’s list of Favorite Things, several years, including this year’s finale of greatest of all time!  Macy’s sells this Oprah approved miracle working cream in a travel size for $15! What a deal!  Click Here!

J. Crew beauty: So you may not think of this store, catalog, mega online retailer as a shopping destination for your beauty products, however, this ever-so-trendy shopping world has fantastic stocking stuffers. One of our favorites, the Essie Nail Polish 4-pack, $20, includes polishes that will add sparkle to any occasion! Hint: for you nail aficionados, the metallics of the moment are right here!

Laura Mercier Exclusive Luxe Colour Face Palette, $75,at Neiman Marcus. Am I prejudiced to this cosmetic line…..you bet your best buddy I am! It’s also the best which is why I look there first each year for some great beauty-ful giftables and this year is no exception.  This gift set includes all the luscious color eessentials to create a variety of holiday looks in a convenient, travel friendly palette. The palette of modern, contemporary color includes 4 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 lip glazes and a mini long lash mascara. Everything you need for your trip to Aspen, the Hill Country or London, all in one set!  Here is a link…


We can’t forget about the men in our life! There are some great “beauty” gifts out there for men. Here are just a few that they are sure to love:

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave (carry on, unscented), $50,from Sephora,  is a travel approved quartet of luxurious shaving essentials. Plus, it is  ideal for men with sensitive skin, ingrown hair, razor burn or tough beards. Get it here.

Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony #2 Body Spray, $15, at Macy’s, is perfectly priced for the low maintenance guy who wants to smell good! The spray comes in 4 different scents and offers a little more sophistication but is less fussy than cologne. The link.

Burt’s Bees Men’s Travel Kit, $13, is for the guy on the go. The kit contains TSA- approved sizes of essential dude products. Click here to purchase.

The Kiehl’s Mens Refueling Kit, $29.50 (valued at $44.36), at Neiman Marcus is a great item if your man is in need of some refueling. Shop for it now at Kiehl’s online.
NOTE:  I must add that KIEHL’S anything is a great product and has always been a stocking stuffer of choice in my household for years…for guys and gals!

The Minimergency Kit for him, $12, is tiny enough for him to leave in his desk at work or his glovebox. It contains everything from floss to nail clippers. This particular kit can be found online at places such as shopkitson.com, flight001.com, and amazon.com. There are similar kits that can be found at Restoration Hardware.


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