Sassy, Sparkly Sequins…Holiday Glitz’ Best Look!

Dolce and Gabbana; Alice & Olivia; Christian Louboutin

It’s official, Thanksgiving is over, and starting this week, holiday party season has begun!  Everyone brings out their glitz and glam for this time of year and for many, too much just isn’t quite enough!

My favorite glitzy look of this season may not be the newest idea on the trend-road of life, but it’s certainly a look that’s risen to the top this season! I  am crazy about Sequins and that says a lot for a non-glitzy girl like me!  My must-have pieces, already purchased, are an all-over sequined tank dress, a sequined skirt and pant, brought down a notch by pairing with cashmere and a fabulous touch of sequins at the foot, preferably all over from toe to heel (I’m into sequins as an all-over idea this season as opposed to trims or touches, just looks newest that way but not for everyone I know!).

Color:  Gold takes the lead, followed by silver and other metallic, on their own or teamed with neutrals such as nude, pewter or brown.…remains the newest look out there. Black is probably always going to be #1 purchased, but am crazy about Navy or Midnight Blue.  RED certainly has a presence, but is a little much, even for me…..Red and Sequins in one outfit could take over the room (okay I guess, if that’s what you’re after?!)!

Donna Karan; Michael Kors; Dolce and Gabbana

Silhouettes:  Less is more when done in SEQUINS.  Basic simply styled dresses, short and long; great pencil skirts or skinny/straight pants or jeans; an awesome clutch; a drop-dead high heeled shoe; scarves, shawls, headbands….all make it work. Just not all at one time, please!

Tory Burch; Dolce and Gabbana; Alice & Olivia

Sequins are out there sewn solidly top to bottom, sprinkled throughout unexpected fabrics like woolens, knits and/or leather or in combination with other opulent touches such as taffeta, brocade or fur!

The choices are endless, the stores and website are full at every price point!  Step out, choose  SEQUINS and dress up……now is the time and you’ll never feel more joyful, sexier or filled with holiday spirit doing it!  Enjoy the glam!

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