Summer Survival

Summer Survival Guide or Tips on How to Beat the Heat for 46 more days

With 46 days left until Labor Day, it is time to boost and rejuvenate the summer! We have targeted 7 beauty areas that could use a lift to ensure that you feel and look your best as the Summer winds down and Fall moves in. (I know, come September it is still plenty hot in Texas!!!)

Don’t let your souvenir from a summer trip fade away. Keep sun kissed skin glowing into Fall with a great self tanner of your choice. My fav? Jergens natural glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer that progressively builds and maintains a natural looking color. Make it a daily regimen to apply and after about a week, results will show the peak intensity of color. A vacation all over again for your skin! (Note: For the best looking glow, don’t forget to exfoliate, there are so many great SCRUBS out there!)

Skin Saver
While the number of bikini days might be fleeting, the days of sun are not. If continuous sunscreen applying via bottle was so June, try Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes. Made with SPF 30 and Zinc, they are pre-moistened wipes for the face and body. Avoid the sunburn and find these so easy-to-use wipes at Sephora and Nordstrom.

Hip & Haute Hydration

The hippest trend in hydration has a celeb following (Madonna, Ellen Pompeo and Demi Moore to name a few.) Found at Whole Foods, Coconut Water made from green coconuts, is packed with 5 key electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium. Vita Coco, a brand that I found at Whole Foods and Kroger is one of several and helps replenish both your body and boosts your immune system.

If your hydrating regiment is lacking pizzazz, add flavor to your eight glasses of water a day with Crystal Light On-the-Go packets. With only 5 calories, these travel size packets should stay in your handbag or beach bag and are available in many different flavors and selections. Not just tea and lemonade any more, try the newest Pure Fitness, Immunity and Energy.

Fresh Faced
Thanks to the summer heat, makeup that once looked great at 9 a.m., may appear faded (and unfortunately sweaty) after a lunch outing. Featured on the Today Show, Bobbi Brown gave viewers great summer makeup tips to stay fresh faced longer. Some highlights from her presentation include:
• After washing your face, use a tinted bronzer for a glow
• Only use foundation where needed
• For eye shadow, use a cream shadow that dries. It doesn’t crease or flake like a powder
• Apply blush, like a pink with gold highlights, on the cheekbones then blend around
• Use a bright, but sheer lip gloss
• Avoid intense color on your face
• Pair subtle make up with bright nail polish
For the full clip, click here

Combat Frizz
If heat and humidity have taken a toll on your locks (take my word as the reigning Queen of summertime frizz) there is a solution to tame your tresses. The John Frieda Frizz-Ease collection features shampoos, conditioners, serums and stylers to help repair and smooth your hair. In the summer months, hair needs some serious TLC.

Hair Trend
All brunettes you are in luck! The hot trend this summer is brunette hair with a twist. Coined “bronde“, stylists intermix blonde, sun-kissed highlights to brunettes for a back from the beach look with no foil required. This hair color is achieved by painting or “bailaging” on two different blondes to the top layers. Whether your choice of a few strands or chunky highlights, the lightener is applied roots to end or roots only. But please, a trip to the salon is a must for this. So go, and voila, it’s a new you!

Edible Skin Care
Lastly, did you know you could eat your way to gorgeous skin. Foods rich in antioxidants keep your skin glowing and toxin free. Here are some quick grocery store finds that translate into healthy essentials.
• Sunflower seeds, Swiss chard and almonds= Vitamin E; Helps protect from UVA rays.
• Cauliflower, walnuts and cabbage= Omega 3 fatty acids; Cell membrane barriers.
• Carrots, kale and apricots= Vitamin A; Helps repair sun damaged skin.
• Bell peppers, broccoli and strawberries= Vitamin C; Creates collagen in the skin
• Shitake mushrooms, cod and shrimp= Selenium; Promotes skin elasticity
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