The Dark Days Are Over…This Spring is about Color!

Bold Colors Return This Spring

The fashion color buzz of the season is all about saturated and strong color.  On the forefront is the salute to the YSL of the 70’s in a return to the bold colors that made this legendary designer’s choices of plum, magenta and emerald colorways, his trademark of that era. These colors, worn either color-blocked, monochromatic or head-to-toe one-hue are the leading color story of the season.  Closely following this idea and somewhat entwined are the neon and citrus hues that make for a bright, if not shocking blast of color for the new year and the new season!

The Freshness of Spring Blues, Make This One Of My Favorite Spring Color Families

Spring’s best colors by color family are quite strong.  One of my personal favorites for early Spring is the freshness of the BLUES.  From Turquoise, always a local favorite, to Cobalt, strong and vivid to the return of navy or midnight blue…a color idea that has been slowly working it’s way back in to the color mainstream.  It works so well with the stripe trend for the season and I am personally loving Navy as an alternative to Black as a cocktail and/or evening color choice. It also works great as a base color to be paired with brights, this season’s big neutral, Khaki, and of course, always classic when worn with White.

Pink, Orange and of Course Reds are always among my faves

Another fave of mine, for all of the obvious reasons is the PINK/ORANGE/RED color family.  From the softest to the hottest Pink, either is a perfect choice for this season.  Honeysuckle , the grand new pink of the season is Pantone’s #1 pink color of choice by most designers.  Orange’s best hue for early Spring is Coral that will warm up and brighten up as the season progresses to become the hottest citrus tone for late Spring, early Summer.  Red is just Red and hauter than ever.  It is quickly becoming a favorite for many people from the Red Carpet to the Day Dress to the Swimming pool.  I know this is just from my lips and my heart,  but it is February, and Red is the color of love and hearts……need I say more?!  Own it now, wear it now!

Citrus Colors Continue Their Strong Showing This Spring

So I have mentioned Orange already, which we know will be a season favorite but CITRUS is still with us…Orange, Yellow and Green, all of which have many shades from the warmest mustard yellow to the hottest, bright yellow. Also, there are the deepest, boldest and neon of Greens.

Neutrals Stick Around This Spring and Are The Perfect Palate to Make Your Hottest Hues Pop

Last year, was the Spring of NEUTRALS and they are still here with us this season….newest when mixed with soft pales, such as dusty rose, silver or metallic grey, khaki, ivory or white.  Tonal neutrals work as well, as using a neutral/soft color to make your hottest hues really pop!

The Simplicity of White Makes It Stand Out

Last but never the least for Spring, as it keeps growing each season and for many, including me, is number one, is the non-color WHITE.  This season it has become for many fashion critics a Trend of it’s own. Newest for evening, freshest for day, for swim, for sport in apparel and accessories it is really the proven, no risk way to approach the coolness of Spring and Summer.  WHITE as an idea is best worn simple and clean……do that and you’ll be the tastiest gal in the room…or if attention is what you’re after, BOLD COLOR will make you a star!


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