“The Higher the Heel, the Better You Feel,” Says Charlotte Olympia, Shoe Designer…

What a delight for us to share a lovely breakfast and have some one-on-one chat time with one of the most creative and delightful women around, the talented London shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia Dellal. She was making her first trip to Texas exclusively for Neiman Marcus to meet her customers and celebrate the launch of her newest Cosmic Collection of Birthday Shoes, richly colored suede flats, and Zodiac Pandora Clutch boxes, each  embellished with enamel and Swarovski crystal zodiac symbols, designed to celebrate the twelve star signs.  Each style comes with a Charlotte Olympia horoscope book to take away any guessing on just what your accessories say about you?!

About Charlotte Olympia: Luxury accessories designer, Charlotte Olympia Dellal launched her London-based shoe brand ‘Charlotte Olympia’ in January of 2008.  Her designs, which have brought this charming female shoe designer in this male-dominated field to the forefront, are known for their classic sophistication and meticulous attention to details.  She has created the brand’s feminine design philosophy that is inspired by the bygone era of old-Hollywood glamour. Added treat,  all of her shoes feature,  on the sole, the iconic web design that is becoming iconic to this designers’ brand logo.  For more info on Charlotte and see so many amazing and very special footwear, visit her site at charlotteolympia.com.

Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

Left: Neiman Marcus customers crowd into Shoe Salon to meet & greet designer; Right: My favorite zodiac sign, my own: Taurus the Bull, also greatly resembling Texas longhorn, ya think?!

HOLLYWOODLAND COLLECTION: Charlotte Olympia Dellal is a self-acclaimed retro Hollywood lover of all things ‘40ish and on. Her film idols are Rita, Ava and Marilyn, which is evident in her own personal sophisticated style. She has brought this to fruition with her Fall 2013 cinematic collection of all things reminiscent of “old Hollywood glam.”  From glistening Paparazzi platforms to blockbuster prints to Motion Picture and Movieland embroidered handbags in this very extensive, focused, tribute to these Art Deco-inspired designs.  There is no wonder that this designer and her collections are a modern favorite of many of today’s biggest stars from Beyonce, Sara Jessica Parker, Katy Perry and many others.

Charlotte Olympia Hollywoodland Collection

From left: Rita Shoe, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Clutch, Film Strip Sandal

Lindsey Love w/Charlotte Olympia Dellal; Charlotte w/Andrea Bonner, FGI

Charlotte w/yours truly; Annina Stefanelli of The Cinched Waist blog adorning a crowd favorite, the Birdcage handbag

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