The Newest Trend in Luggage… High on Tech, Light in Weight

Tumi Vapor International Carry On

High-tech luggage first came on the scene from one German maker, Rimowa, as reported by The Chic Sheet on 11/1/10, and has now become a huge fashion trend in the luggage industry. It sets the standard for strength, durability, mobility and aesthetics. Truly a must have, ideal for those who travel internationally or domestically.

This luggage, made out of ABS/polycarbonate, which makes it very durable, yet lightweight and very easy to maneuver. Partner that with an ultra modern style that defies definition… a must-have for the jet set!

A true stand out is the four multi- directional spinner wheels, most suitcases only have 2, which mimic your movements. The 360° “spinner technology” isn’t just good for your impatient travel companions, its also good for your body because now you don’t have to put any weight on your arm. Four wheels = zero effort!

A lot of these bags can expand for those of you who are heavy packers. The interior is fully lined with elastic cross straps and divider panels, great for the organized traveler! The cross straps also prevent content shifting during travel and keeps the contents in place.

Hartmann "Stratum," Delsey "Meridian," Samsonite "Winfield" Collection & Samsonite Upright Red

For the art enthusiast who appreciates patterns and colors on your luggage, there are two different collections that may tickle your fancy. Romero Britto, world-renowned pop artist, has a collection of high-tech luggage splashed with his trademark bold patterns and colors.  Tumi also has come out with a limited edition collection, Tumi tag, created in collaboration with renowned New York graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos. Crash’s work is featured in museums and galleries around the world and includes custom-painted guitars for Eric Clapton and John Mayer. The interior of each case includes a unique number that authenticates the case. Only 1,000 of each luggage style have been produced for this series.

Britto "A New Day," Tumi Tag International Carry On & Tumi Tag on 2 Wheel Side

Tumi’s high-tech luggage won the Travel and Leisure 2011 Design Award for best luggage.  These great pieces of luggage come in many different sizes, colors and price points from a wide array of makers. From all the leading luggage companies: Samsonite, Delsey, Hartmann, Tumi, etc there is one out there for everyone!

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