Tom’s Shoes One for One X 2 for Back-to-School…

Everyone knows about TOMS Shoes, its One for One Project and the wonderful work that its founder, Blake Mycoskie has done matching shoe purchases with new shoes for children in developing countries. These represent the best of both worlds….hip styling and comfort for the customer, while providing much needed shoes for barefoot children around the globe!  That’s the good news!

The even better news is that Houston based Sun & Ski Sports will mark the sale of it 50,000th pair of TOMS shoes next month with a two-week Back to School Shoe Drive & TOMS Shoes Custom Paint Event on August 1-14, that benefits the children of Star of Hope.

“This milestone sale directly correlates to 50,000 pairs of TOMS shoes given to children globally through Sun & Ski since the company began carrying TOMS brand two years ago.” said Barry Goldware, CEO of Sun & Ski Sports, Tom’s #1 seller in Texas.

Here is how it will work.  During this shoe drive, every customer who brings in a pair of gently worn shoes will receive a S & S Sports certificate for $5 off a new pair of TOMS. Those shoes will be donated to needy children both locally and globally through the S & S and TOMS partnership.  “It is one for one times two, when donors buy a new pair of TOMS as well,” explained Goldware.

The fun extra is that on Saturday, August 13, if you so desire and just want your TOMS to be more special (see example of artists interpretations shown above), there will be local artists from noon to 4 p.m. at the 6100 Westheimer, Katy Mills, Memorial City and Webster locations. Local artists, will paint a custom, water-resistant design on your shoes for a minimal $10.  All fees go directly to the local artists that are participating in this event.  An awesome way to wear fun designs for you or your family and support the local artist community as well.

Additionally, collection boxes for gently worn shoes will be placed in all of the local Sun & Ski stores during this time for needy children with no purchase necessary.

In case you are unaware of TOMS shoes and the concept that has made these shoes such a popular accessory in America, here are a few facts you should know.  TOMS was founded in 2006 when American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina where he found that they were not allowed to go to school without shoes and they had no shoes.  TOMS, which stands for Tomorrows, was founded when Blake and several members of his family and friends went back to Argentina later that year and brought 10,000 pairs of shoes, made possible by TOMS customers. Today he has donated more than one million shoes to barefoot children that aids in avoiding disease and enables children to go to school, who would have remained uneducated without his assistance. TOMS, like Lauren Bush’s FEED Bags, have become a hip, pop culture must-have while doing such good for the less fortunate children locally and around the world.

Sun & Ski has chosen Star of Hope as the recipient of these shoes because of their long-standing relationship with that organization, where they have provided over 10 tons of clothing over 20 years to provide warmth to Houston’s homeless.  For more info on Sun & Ski store locations and e-commerce, visit

This is an event not to be missed…and bring your children along, make them a part of the giving experience. How often can you teach them through the purchase of something that you know they will love and do such good at the same time…..remember August 1-14 at Sun & Ski Sports locations around the city!

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