Tory Burch Scores Another Big Hit with Her Stunning Show at the Pierre Hotel…

Finally, a report on NY Fashion Week from The Chic Sheet……I really was there, granted less time than usual, but did get to see some great shows in my 3 days.  Mother Nature put a wrench in my travel plans and into my Internet usage once I arrived.  However, one of my favorite shows that I was able to make was the Tory Burch Show.

First, it was held off-site at the luxurious Pierre Hotel, beautiful setting for this art and romance inspired collection.  Secondly, you really got the feel of the mega-brand that she has become as you looked around the room and saw the quantity and quality of all of the top executives in the retail, media and publishing worlds…..not to mention a mogul or two such as Leonard Lauder himself.

Her Art Nouveau-inspired collection was filled with details the designer  found in Gustav Klimit paintings, which she claimed as her source of inspiration. There was much use of texture, embellishments and golden details, which her customers have repeatedly proven to love. Her signature print was the scarab print, which Tory was quoted by Vogue as saying, “I’ve always loved scarabs” and she used them, along with dragonfly motifs in both her apparel and accessories. Forever the businesswoman, many of her styles were wear anywhere, any-time-of-day ensembles, a lifestyle she lives herself.

Some of my favorite trends were the use of separate (not matching) coats over dresses, prints that were mixed and some embellishments within the print, use of lurex woven within the texture of her fabrics and leather dresses and sportswear in color.  The most favored design capsule by all reviewers was a navy/white flocked velvet floral grouping that was my favorite and the designers as well, as she wore it for her finale bow to the audience.  This collection had something for everyone and for every occasion. To see more from the collection visit,



Tory’s show was very mindful of what has become a cornerstone of her empire and that is her multitude of accessories.  Those chosen for the show very much followed the theme and motifs of the collection…dragonfly earrings, velvet pouched bags and shoes, cat-eye embellished sunglasses and much more.  I have been told that this was only a small sampling of her Fall Accessory offering which expanded far beyond  this collection.

NOTE: It was announced last week, that our very own Texas based, Kosta Kartsosis, CEO of Fossil, Inc. has entered into a global licensing deal with Tory Burch Company to collaborate on time pieces for this brand, scheduled for in store, late 2014. Those Fossil guys are always on to the next big thing and this will truly be another one of those for them.

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