Trend Alert: Fur-Ever in Fashion!

Louboutin Fur Shoes; Dior Fur Bag; Akris Fur Collars; Fendi Fur Blouse

Another cool front is due to arrive in Texas tonight and the timing is just right to talk to one of Fashion’s biggest trends for Fall.  Nothing has more glam-appeal as an add-on to your wardrobe than Fur, either real or faux, and the designers have gone for this trend in a big way for this Fall Season!  The approach this season is new and is being used either as complete garments or as touches to convert traditional pieces into something fantastical!

For wear in Houston, fur-trims on dresses, suits and jackets can give you just enough.  A good basic to add to any outfit for our climate is still the fur vest that can be worn over skinny jeans for casual wear or look newest over a basic dress. Another great for Houston, is the fur wrap/stole, newest this season in warm, rich color as a chic addition that can be easily thrown over evening gowns, dresses or suits. Depending on the color and style choice here, stoles can add a great vintage-feel, a look that is so hot now as we all cherish those garments that give us that step back in time. If you are a keeper of great pieces from your ancestors, like I am, you can enjoy wearing your grandmother’s stole and chic it up a notch by adding a wonderful vintage brooch as a closure!

J. Mendel Sleeveless Coat; J. Mendel Fur Vest; Chanel Black & White Coat with Fur Boots

Designers have gone for fur in a big way…over 400 fashion creators from the highest ends such as Alexander McQueen, Armani, Fendi (of course, known for their fur collections), Donna Karan, Oscar and many, many more have paraded the runways for Fall.  This fashion idea can also be found at the more affordable price-points from the likes of Tory Burch, BCBG, DKNY and even William Rast (Justin Timberlake’s collection). Real or faux, your choice, the young contemporary designers have taken on a modern approach to this long-lasting trend.

One last note…don’t be afraid to step out in COLOR. We love to find ways here to add color to our wardrobe and there are many unique color touches for Fall that add style, warmth and fun to an ensemble.  Leave your pashmina in the drawer this year and add a bold colored fur wrap, jacket or accessory instead.

Oscar de la Renta Fur Dress; Moschino Fur Jacket; Balmain Fur Jacket

Speaking of Accessories, that’s the newest and  my most favorite way to add fur to my wardrobe.  There are many fur trims on booties, shoes and tall boots that are real attention getters. Collars and hats are still around but are not the traditional ways.  Look for color, animal patterns and assortment of type of fur. My personal favorite is fur handbags in mink or mink trim, though available in many fur types. These are easily being produced in every price-point from the very finest furs to the fur wannabes that you can find at department and accessory stores.

So, cozy up in style and enjoy this very hot trend while it’s cool enough to wear it!

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