Trend Alert: Fur Vests

Mischa Barton, Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe are Fab in Fur

Whoever first said, “Everything old is new again” must have been a member of the fashion industry, and not just speaking to the vintage trend that is taking the world by storm! How else can we explain the rebirth of leggings, ankle boots, and now, FUR VESTS?  I just love when one trendy piece can transform your entire look into a fabulous outfit. This season, that one piece is the chic Fur Vest!!  While real fur was popular on the runways of Paris and New York, faux animal fur is still considered by many to be the more humane way to go…your choice!  It can also be very appealing that the price of a faux is much, much less than the real thing.  Fur vests are not only a stylish statement piece, but surprisingly versatile as well. You’ll love these fuzzy, cozy pieces throughout the season! Vests surely make for a great outfit completer or, in some cases, a great extra!


  • The piece itself makes a statement of winter glamour so you should keep the outfit simple.
  • Texas weather is so unpredictable that you can wear your fur vests most of the season, and it can be a fashionable coat replacement.  If you’re worried about finding ways to incorporate a fur vest into your closet, don’t be!  There are lots of different ways to wear this trend with jeans, leggings, pants or skirts, and the newest over dresses can look adorable under a vest.
  • Concerned about tops? Try pairing your vest with tighter, close-fitting knits or shirts to balance its volume. Loose, peasant-style tops can create a chill, bohemian look.
  • Warning, be careful with prints!! If you combine the vest with a floral pattern be thoughtful of the colors you are combining. The mix of the fur and the print could be a bit much!
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER, when styling a fur vest, “Less is More.”

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What do you think? Are you into fur vests? Do you have any tips on how you like to wear them? Let me (and everyone else) know with your comments below!!!

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