Tuxedo Dressing….Positive/Negative is One of Many Variations for This Haute Holiday Dressing Trend

Rachel Zoe Black & White Tuxedos

The return to prominence of Tuxedo Dressing has been one of those Fall Trends, while popular all season, is very much a NOW look whose time it is to shine.  There is nothing with greater style for Holiday parties or New Year’s Eve dressing than to borrow from the boys, the tuxedo with a feminine twist. One of the newest approaches to the look for this season has been the dominance of White as an alternative to the traditional black tux that I have loved for so many seasons.  Rachel Zoe, stylist and designer of the Stars has done the same tuxedo (shown above) in both colors.  The white has literally been a sell-out, as reported to me by an L.A. shopper and by Tootsies Buyer, Jennifer Cunningham.

This idea, introduced to the fashion world in 1966 on the runway of  Yves St. Laurent as le smoking, has been mentioned by many designers from Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and many more as the inspiration for this return to the fashion scene in a big way this Fall. “A great tuxedo is modern and timeless for evening,” says Tory Burch who recalls her Mom wearing the infamous YSL classic.

Givenchy & Ralph Lauren

Some of the newness this season, other than the dominance of white to the classic tuxedo look is the many variations on the runways.  Although Black and White dominated the scene, there were those step-outs by Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren where Crimson was a sensual addition.  Also, many dresses, skirts, shirts and accessories came to the forefront.

Prabal Gurung for J. Crew & Rachel Zoe Dress

While most of the looks I’ve shown are true to the spirit of tuxedo dressing, another approach that can be taken is to pull from your wardrobe one tuxedo piece and add your own twist to make it special.  Examples would be a great wide leg black pant that adds only a cummerbund and you’ve transformed the look.  Bow ties, which were on many of the runway looks, can be borrowed from the man in your life and shown with a feminine white or cream top that you own and paired with a great sequin skirt. If you’re all about the tux jacket, make that your focal point and partner with pants, skirts, jeans or even leggings (depending on jkt length) and you have simplified your tuxedo look.  There is nothing chic-er than a great tuxedo shirt (a la Claridge & King) with a pencil skirt, skinny jean or legging.

Ruffian Pink Jacket Tuxedo & Skirt Suit

In conclusion, the tuxedo-for-gals look has always been a favorite of mine.  Whether you choose to put the LBD aside and go for the total tux look for a stylish change-up or pick your pieces to do it your own way!  This timeless fashion is an investment worth making.  As YSL, the man, said to Women’s Wear Daily in the ‘70’s when asked about this look that he had created,  “For women, le smoking is an indispensable garment with which she finds herself continually in fashion, because it is about style, not fashion.  Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever.”

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