Venus Envy: Erase the Signs of Hormonal Aging

By:  Patricia McGill Boland

Have you ever noticed that for a few days each month you are at the top of your game?  Your skin is glowing, your hair is full & shiny, you feel skinnier than usual and the men in your life cannot keep their eyes off of you.  Think it’s a fluke?  Think again.  You’re in the midst of your “Venus Week,” when the convergence of a woman’s mind, body and sensuality form a powerful energy that makes us seemingly unstoppable…and irresistible.  But while Mother Nature has only awarded us this phenomenon once a month, Dr. Rebecca Booth, M.D. has the daily secrets for making it last a lifetime.

Dr. Booth is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been practicing medicine for over twenty years.  The “Venus Week” is her metaphor for that one outstanding week each month when women experience simultaneous peaks in estrogen (the “feel good hormone”) and testosterone (the “hormone of desire”).  However, Dr. Booth explains that hormonal aging affects all women, and that after we peak in our fertility potential around age 25-27 our declining estrogen effect has a negative impact on our collagen, which is especially noticeable on the skin of our face.

In an effort to help all women transcend the “Venus Week” she teamed up with her sister Cecil (a beauty expert with 20 years in the industry) to create VENeffect, an anti-aging skincare line packed with phytoestrogens that stimulate collagen production from underneath the skin the way it naturally happens.  This ground-breaking new technology delivers an immediate luminosity to skin upon the first use, while promising that clients will notice a dramatic difference within 2-4 weeks in the signs of hormonal aging.  This means that regardless of age, you can experience the fabulous “Venus Effect” everyday…and finally stop planning all of your social functions around that one week each month.

For more information on the specific steps you can take in implementing this effect in your beauty, skin, hair care and lifestyle regimen, pick up Dr. Booth’s book The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…At Any Age (DaCapo Lifelong Books, 2008).

VENeffect is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus or at

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