What’s the Big Deal About Botox?

I recently attended a live presentation by Dr. Angela Sturm at Edward Sanchez’ Vanity Lounge where she explained much of the advantages of this procedure in person.  For you, our readers, we are providing her expertise in the privacy of your own computer.

Please read on to hear the benefits of Botox by Dr. Sturm…..

Most of us have heard of Botox and some of us love it, like me!  However, very few people actually know what Botox is.  It freezes muscles to smooth the “11’s” or vertical lines between the brows, horizontal lines of the forehead and crowsfeet.  Dysport is used in the same way and has the same action as Botox, but is just made by a different company.  Each product has a slightly different formulation.  The molecular weight, or the size of the active particle, is a standard 900kD for Botox but varies from 500-900kD with Dysport.  The physicians who favor Botox feel this variability may cause some inconsistencies in clinical outcomes.  However, the clinical studies don’t necessarily favor one product over the other.  Just like competing products like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, each physician may have a preference for one over the other.

How it works:  Both Botox and Dysport take 3-7 days to take effect. So you won’t notice a  difference right away, but in a few days you will wake up with a nice, smooth forehead!  Botox/Dysport lasts about 3 months.  However, if you keep up with it, the muscles will become smaller, just like if you don’t exercise your biceps, etc. and you will need less Botox or Dysport and will need to get it less frequently.

Added bonuses: Interestingly, Botox has been shown to improve mood in a randomized, controlled study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.  Patients who receive Botox had less depressive symptoms than those who received a placebo.  Also, a study was performed comparing two twins that found that it can actually prevent wrinkles.  The twin who received Botox regularly had less wrinkles than the twin that did not!

If there is a treatment or surgery that you are wondering about, please send your questions to Dr. Angela at http://www.drangelasturm.com.

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