Wishing For Rimowa Luggage

As I was rolling my luggage through the Florence airport (or was it WATCHING Alan grumbling over our bags?!??), I had a thought of my stylish, smarter and more worldly traveled friends, Janet, Sally and Diane, who shared with me their awesome purchase of the chic, lightweight and very durable new luggage called Rimowa. Wow, could I have used that luggage on this trip. I had so many sweaters, jackets, boots to take…I hear it’s quite chilly in Florence, plus not to mention the People magazines, the Grey’s Anatomy tapes, jars of peanut butter and many other “American things” that my daughter has actually had to live without.  Needless to say, I had one stuffed suitcase…not an inch up for grabs and the poundage (weight) was up there.  If I had been as smart as my friends, how much better would it have been?!!!

Check out Rimowa Luggage if you travel a lot, I sure am, it may be a worthy and stylish investment!

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