Experts Speak: Take These Tips on the Best Fall Finds

Fashion Experts Speak

What is the look for fall?

Pactor: Color continues to be important, as well as dressing up more. Tailored menswear with a feminine twist for women. Color and stripes for men.

Ramos: The equestrian look is hot for women. Men are in their own world, and it’s dressy meets casual.

Belt: For women, it’s a return to glamorous femininity. For men, there is a return to elegant, tailored dressing.

Knowles: For women, lots of tweeds and tailored suits. For men, tailored jackets and suits and button-down shirts with cuff links.

. . .

If you had to have one item, what would it be?

Pactor: Short-cropped jacket or anything from the berry family for women. Striped or patterned shirts for men.

Ramos: Brooches and shrugs for women. Sportscoats for men.

Belt: Skirts, tweed fabric and fitted short jackets for women. Men will want to step out in stripes. Classic pinstripes for suiting; bold stripes in unexpected colors for sport shirts.

Knowles: Beautiful basic wool coats for women and men.

. . .

What’s a faux pas this season?

Pactor: Anything black. Nothing looks more dated than black these days. Pleated pants with solid shirts are out for men.

Ramos: Uggs for women. Pants with multiple pleats for men.

Belt: A faux pas? Not being willing to express yourself.

Knowles: Showing too much skin.

. . .

If you’re going to splurge, what’s the one item you need to have?

Pactor: Colored leather or suede jacket for women. Patterned colored dress shirt for men.

Ramos: Anything alligator for women. Anything Yves Saint Laurent for men.

Belt: The Celine “Grace” handbag in candy sharkskin that retails for $1,350.

Knowles: A great designer handbag.

. . .

What’s the best steal this season?

Pactor: Faux fur for women. For men, MICHAEL Michael Kors’ sportswear collection.

Ramos: Faux fur for women. Vintage T-shirts for men.

Belt: For women, faux fur — it’s everywhere from coats to trim on jackets and shoes. Also, brooches that resemble fine estate jewelry. For men, washable suede.

Knowles: Beautiful tailored cashmere simple wool coats. Try Loehmann’s, Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet Stores, Saks’ or Neiman Marcus’ end-of-season sales.