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2019 Beauty….Dr. Angela Talks the Changing Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

2019 beauty trends

“Are trends in beauty shifting?”.…that was my question to Dr. Angela Sturm, our uber amazing, contributing facial plastic surgeon, who is our go-to beauty professional keeping us current on just what the latest and the best procedures are in the beauty world.  The following is her insight into what she sees as the most important […]

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Millennial Perfume Preference Shifts to Scent, Not Celebrity


Gone are the days of teens everywhere lining up to buy the newest scent from that moment’s hottest celebrity. Millennials now value product over publicity when in comes to their preference in perfumes!  Millennials were the the ones who brought the rise of celebrity scents, and now they might be the same ones responsible for […]

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The Joy of Gifting… For the Beauty Obsessed


With so many Holiday parties and celebrations on the calendar, this is the season of glitz and glamour! Pamper your special ones with this years hottest beauty gadgets and goodies! Winter weather is a nice refresher from the usual humidity we live through here in Houston, but sadly our skin cannot say the same. The […]

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From New Local Beauty Collection…Special Savings for MRG Readers Just in time for Holiday Gift...

Supernatural Body

Supernatural Body is a new local line of luxury USDA-Certified organic skincare products containing only incredibly healthful and nourishing organic ingredients. Every single one of the luxurious Supernatural Body (available at products are full of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins such as: Matcha, Sacha Inchi, Sea Buckthorn, Triphala, Camellia, Chamomile and many more. Supernatural […]

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Dr. Angela’s Tips on Caring for Fall Skin

fall facial skincare

From Dr. Angela….Tips on Changing your Skin Care routine for Fall….. As we are approaching our first few weeks of cooler weather and not really accustomed to dealing with our skin during these ‘cooler, dryer’ days, Dr. Angela has provided us with some tips on how to hydrate and keep the glow coming as we […]

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Dr. Angela is Back And She’s Talking About Eyes


  Volumizing the Eyes…… Dr. Angela Sturm, here to talk about Eyes. The philosophy for aging around the eyes has changed in the last 5 years or so.  Many Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons feel that the changes are from volume loss instead of gravity or laxity.  This was very evident at the live injection course […]

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An Evening at Saks with Tina Craig and La Prairie

Tina Craig, aka @bagsnob, was one of the original fashion bloggers and has since built a resume as impressive as her Instagram following! She sat down with La Prairie at Saks to talk all things beauty, bags, and everything in between! Rachel, here! I had the unbelievable opportunity of spending the evening at Saks Fifth Avenue to […]

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Best of Indie Beauty Brands…Straight from NYC Expo

indie beauty brands

@indiebeautyexpo The Indie Beauty Expo was held in NYC last week and was a showcase of new and upcoming indie brands in cosmetics, skincare, body and hair.  Chelsi here and I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event and was so excited to see the new trends and meet some very interesting brand founders. […]

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Celebrate National Lipstick Day, July 29……Wear Red!

red lipsticks

Image taken in Art Gallery in San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy Okay so anyone who knows me knows that I am overly enamored with the color RED…..I have my glasses, of course, and usually wear a pop of that scarlet hue somewhere else on my body such as a handbag, shoe or a wrap. However, one […]

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