Nine Simple Principles to Revamp Your Wardrobe for 2019

style principlesThe new year brings along a lot of self-reflection for what you want to work on. We’re no life-experts, but we do know a little something about fashion so we are sharing our top style principles for 2019 with you!  Example above: Basic pieces that can be styled up to look new with just subtle pops!!

Nine principles for the ninth year of the 2010’s! That is what we are here to deliver to you at the start of this new year! But don’t worry. These aren’t your typical “workout more” and “eat healthier” resolutionsThis time, we are focusing on what we know best here at MRG…style!

Our closets are one of the first places we start our day, so it is important to treat it right. From what we put into them, to what we take out it deserves a lot of thought. So, this year we are declaring 2019 the year of the thoughtful wardrobe. Keep scrolling for our nine style principles for 2019!


You know here at MRG we are all about trends, but this year were going the way of trends-in-moderation! By definition trends come and go, so it is better for your wallet and the environment to buy more pieces that will last you more than one season. We aren’t saying to stock your closet full of only essentials (though, we love those guys), but treat it to pieces that you are certain you won’t get tired of, and will stick around a while. Your beauty is timeless, so your wardrobe should be as well!


We all know that wardrobe work out…..the pushing and pulling to dig out the one item you have in mind that is stuffed between a thousand other pieces you never actually wear. This is probably the most cardinal New Year’s style task each and every year. It is hard to part with those pieces you cherished so dear at the time of purchase, but you gotta be real with yourself. If you are lucky enough to have the space to rearrange your closet within or better yet, shift to a secondary closet, those pieces that are not part of your every day wear….social occasion gowns, coats, seasonal wear….then do that as the best alternative. If space is a problem, re-evaluate constantly to ensure that you are only holding on to items that have ‘legs’ and will be looking good for awhile!


It is a saying we have heard since we were young, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated”. The same goes for those beloved pieces in your closet! This year, we are vowing to pay closer attention to how we take care of our clothing. Take those “dry clean only items” to the cleaners instead of guiltily throwing them in the wash machine and praying it turns out okay. Separate your laundry basket into groups that are actually meant to be washed together. This all sounds super basic and we know already it will be a busy year. But hey…our clothes have got our back, so it’s about time we have theirs, too!


You are strong woman with a dazzling personality to match, so why shouldn’t you dress that way, too? This year, we are stepping out of our comfort zone. Those pieces in our closet we have tried on a million times only to take them off, are staying on this time! Go big, go bold, go brave and try something new with your wardrobe. You don’t have to stray too far from your classic style, but maybe just amp it up a little! Add some sparkle or even some statement sleeves. This year is all about dressing to impress and WOW!


Each year, we hope to try our best to make the world a better place. While it can seem like our single-person actions couldn’t possibly affect the greater world, that is so not true! While the fashion industry is full of luxury and glam, there is a darker side. The environmental effects and work-place conditions of apparel production are often less than luxurious. So, this year make your impact by buying smarter. Pay attention to what your garment is made of and where/who made it. Sustainable and ethically-made pieces are the way to make your way into the new year, feeling good about your purchases!

ResolutionGood news! There is a way for you to update your wardrobe without even having to purchase or purge a thing! It is all about mixing-and-matching. It is so easy to get into a style rut. Pairing the same top with the same pants and hey, maybe getting wild and changing up your shoes every once in a while. This fix could not be any simpler. Try mixing prints, colors, styles, etc. so to create completely new outfits out of the same ole’ stuff. Buy pieces not outfits as much when you do purchase new, as add-ons to some great pieces that you already have. Use accessories wisely to change up your look, amazing and less expensive way to make your ‘closet-wear’ look new!  New year, new looks, same wardrobe!


We’ve got a little project for you this year, but don’t worry it’s probably the most fun of the principles! We are all about having your own personal style, but it is also nice to have someone to look to for inspiration when you’re just not feeling it. Look around at articles about famous style icons, watch some classic films, or even flip through a magazine. Find the one that embodies your own style or the style you aspire to have. Whenever you are at a loss for what to wear, look up some photos and use their past ensembles as the perfect inspiration!


When you’re running out the door, jewelry is probably the easiest thing to forget. Clothes, shoes, handbag…all are necessities and thus practically unforgettable. Jewelry takes a little more thought. Does it work with your neckline? Does it work with other metals in your outfit? How practical is it for your daily tasks? But, the right piece of jewelry can immediately amp up any outfit. The most casual of looks can instantly be transformed with a little glitz and glam. Whether this means throwing on some statement earrings, adding an eye-catching necklace, or indulging in a little wrist-candy- we believe in you on this one!


Ah…the one principle that will have our grandmothers clutching their pearls. Since we were youngins digging through our mother’s closets, we have all heard the same classic “fashion don’t’s”. Well, 2019 is a new year and a new time and we are saying to let go of those faux pas you’ve been told your whole life. This time is all about embracing individuality and creative freedom, so wear what you think looks best. You have made it this far in life, so we trust you know what you’re doing! So this year, dress for yourself and hit the town in whatever makes you feel like the gorgeous gal you are……and yes, you can wear WHITE all year long!

Also….need some help planning your 2019 Wardrobe and/or de-cluttering your closet, feel free to reach out to me, Roz Pactor, for assistance. I love helping my readers evaluate their wardrobes and closets……after all, a second set of eyes always helps!

Just email me at or text or call me at 713-557-3323.

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Welcome 2019….A Year of Change As We Head Forward


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