Cannes Coverage Continues…All About the Jewels!


Petra Nemcova, one of the faces of Chopard I continue to be fascinated and somewhat in awe of Cannes Film Festival and the glamour it brings to those of us that love fashion.  In my coverage I have mentioned jewelry many times and the name that rises to the top is always Chopard, who as […]

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Cannes 2016….Always One of Fashion’s Finest Glam Moments


Cannes Film Festival 2016 Red Carpet, the Fashion Event that has everyone’s attention at the moment The French city of Cannes, known for the most famous and glitziest of film festivals is hosting the 69th annual event right now.  The city will be showcasing celebrity-studded premieres, private screenings and many glitzy parties for the 11 […]

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Mark Sikes’ New Book

Mark Sikes Book

We’re so excited because Mark Sikes has just come out with a new book, Beautiful: All American Decorating and Timeless Style. The book is full of chic and accessible ideas for every home. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one! Related posts: Mark D. Sikes Is Coming to a bientot…….and He’s Bringing […]

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3 Word Rule When Planning Outfits (via Who What Wear)


You know those mornings when you wake up and you just cannot figure out what on earth to wear? Or when you stare blankly at all your clothes in your closet, with no inspiration whatsoever to get dressed for a night out? We’ve all been there. WELL, we stumbled upon a great tip via Who […]

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Mismatched Earrings…The Latest in Jewelry Trends

Harpers Bazaar

You’ve probably seen it on the runways and possibly even the streets, but the mismatched, unbalanced earring look is a hot new trend in the jewelry world. This look can vary with different colors, being asymmetrical in shape, or asymmetrical in length.  With the different ways to rock the mismatched look, it creates an intriguing […]

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Inspiration + Style = good hYOUman

good hYOUman feature

It’s been seen on celebs, sold at the hottest stores, and the best part is it’s a brand that inspires and gives back. good hYOUman is special to me for a couple reasons. The founder, Brett Novek, is a dear family friend and I gave my bridesmaids good hYOUman shirts on my wedding day. And, […]

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‘Brooch’ the Subject


Resurrected from the dead and cooler than ever, the brooch is back! It’s been spotted on the runways of top designers like Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. No worries; the varieties are endless: bejeweled, embellished, oversized, plain, floral; no matter the type they’ll surely add a dynamic pop of flavor to your look. Great […]

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