Baby, It’s Cold Inside


I find it hard to go from boiling hot Houston sun outside to stepping into Artic conditions in my office that leave my body full of goose bumps, shivering and uncomfortable. No one likes to feel like this especially when you are out showing off a new outfit. Coming from a colder climate you’d think […]

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Safe in the Sun With Sunscreen Tips from Dr. Angela


We are thrilled to have Dr. Angela back, especially with the topic she is covering today: sunscreen. We’re in the heart of summer and sunscreen is of utmost importance, as we all know. Keep reading for some great suggestions and tips… We are in the midst of summer and therefore burn season.  So, now is the […]

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Revival Market….The Grocery Store Sister of Coltivare Opens for Dinner and it was Delish!


Heights’ Revival Market opened for dinner service in May 2015…..a “Preservation” Kitchen sources ingredients from local farms to create a modern American Menu with a Gulf Coast Texas farm-to-plate sensibility. About Revival Market The original concept opened its doors in March, 2011, was conceived as the owners, Ryan Pera of Coltivare and Morgan Weber’s,  21st […]

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Revolution Studio Launches Yoga at Memorial City Location


Fellow local bloggers and Michael at the Sips and Savasana Event at Revolution Studio Memorial City You all know how obsessed I am with Revolution Studio (I sang its praises HERE), and ladies and gentlemen, the love affair is still going just as strong. I call Revolution Studio my happy place because that’s exactly what […]

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The Gold Rush is Back and I’m lovin’ it!


I’m back with my absolute favorite topic – Gold Jewelry. Anyone who knows me will know it’s all I have and all I wear (except for my wedding rings). I’m obsessed, like a mag pie I’m drawn to sparkly gold accessories, my biggest weakness apart from my shoe obsession! Now I have the opportunity to […]

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Big Sales are Everywhere…Our Picks From Nordstrom


It’s that time of year again! End of season SALES. And we’re not complaining about it! However, Nordstrom takes a different approach, and it’s their Anniversary Pre-Season Sale. Early Access is just about over, and the sale is open to the public starting tomorrow! We’ve pulled together 20 of our absolute favorites from the sale, […]

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Working Out to Work


It’s Francene here again to discuss gym-to-work wear! We should all be familiar with the trend that has captivated catwalks and engrossed into our closets ‘Athleisure’. This trend is definitely not going anywhere. Never did I imagine I would feel comfortable meeting my friends for lunch or drinks wearing a cute lace top over sports […]

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