Beauty Update From Dr. Angela Sturm……What’s New in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Angela is back with her ‘What’s New’ series, and today it’s all about what’s new in plastic surgery. What’s new in plastic surgery? Everything!  From who the plastic surgeon is, to who is getting it, to what is being done.  It isn’t what you expect! The profession of plastic surgery has historically been an […]

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Recently Opened, Bistro Menil Begins Its Outdoor Dining This Weekend

Feature_Bistro_Menil exterior2

Bistro Menil, on the campus of one of Houston’s true jewels, the Menil Collection, has finally opened its doors on October 1 after much awaited anticipation About the Cafe Bistro Menil, the beautiful space, located in lush green surroundings, on the Menil Collection campus, was designated by its original architect 25 years ago as the […]

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It’s All In The Bag

feature 3

One of the first items we gals like to think about as the seasons change is what will be our “it” bag or bags for the coming months.  We have selected what we feel are the top style looks for Fall and we’ve even given you the links to purchase right here… easy! Bucket Bag […]

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Weekend Edition: Time is Right for Dining Alfresco


Looking forward…..Fall’s cooler, dryer weather means dining outdoors with friends, “al fresco” is a favorite way to spend an evening…in Houston, we’re getting close to that time! As the Fall Season begins to hint to those of us in Texas that it’s on it’s way or if you are lucky enough to be reading this […]

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All About Fringe…and the Many Ways to Wear It


Fringe is, by no means, a new trend, but lately you’ll find there are lots of new ways to wear it. It’s no longer solely for casual wear with a western vibe. It now takes on a whole gamut of personalities and style preferences. From boho chic to our personal favorite, dressy attire, fringe is […]

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Elizabeth Anthony Opens her Newly Renovated Doors For Joyful Celebration


Newly expanded and renovated Elizabeth Anthony Boutique in Uptown Park has Grand Opening Celebration Last Thursday night, Julie Roberts, proprietor of Elizabeth Anthony boutique,  opened her new doors for all to see her expanded +2,000 square foot space that she has taken over since the departure of famed florist and next door neighbor, David Brown. […]

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Dr. Angela is Back and She’s Focused on the Eyes


Dr. Angela Sturm, facial Plastic Surgeon, in partnership with Dr.Russ Kridel at Houston’s Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, gave us lot s of great tips this summer on how to deal with the dangers of sun on our skin and preventetive measures to take to not ensure premature aging.  She is back with us to discuss a […]

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