Attention Spring Breakers!

If you are getting ready to go away with your family or with other families and friends and are anticipating lots of people drinking many bottles of H2O over the next week, I have just the item for you!

Nothing is worse than looking at your kitchen counter top, tables, coffee tables, boat coolers, etc. and seeing lots and lots of half-used water bottles and of course, no clue as to who they belong to?!

The end result is wasting water, usually by watering and re-watering your plants or pets, but there is a solution that is so much simpler and adds so much more fun and festivity to any gathering or sport/school event.

The answer is Lid I.D….bright, colorful reusable plastic lids for your regular water bottles from the grocery that come in three different themes and can be purchased in sets of 6 or 12! This unique, clever item was created by Meredith Brumfield, a mother of two active, athletic children who were guilty of just being kids and doing what most kids do. They were always looking for a way to mark their bottles at swim meets so that they could put it back in the cooler and know exactly which cold bottle of water was theirs when they needed it.

Did I mention the prices? They certainly don’t break the bank at retails of $2.00 for set of 6 and $3.50 for set of12. The themes in stock now are Sports, Flowers and Assorted Graphics like happy faces, etc. You just can’t lose with these in your bag or picnic basket….such a deal and remember, Spring Break is only the beginning of heavy water-drinking seasons…hot Texas summer is around the corner!

To purchase online, click and your order will be filled immediately and sent to your door.

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