Chic Find…….A Bright Touch

So you’re in a dark, sexy restaurant, Valentine’s or any other night, and you want to take a look to ensure your crimson smooch is up to standard? Do you really want to make a trek to the ladies room for just a simple touch up?!!! The answer is, not unless you have to, and you no longer have to. Houston make-up artist, Tonya Riner has teamed up with her gal pal, make-up artist and Page Parkes alum, Leslie Munsell, to form Beauty for Real Cosmetics and have created SEE THE LIGHT Lip Gloss! This illuminating lip gloss’ high tech packaging, complete with mirror and LED lighting, allows for your easy application on the go. BTW, this gloss, available in nine fashion hues, is made with plant-derived antioxidants such as green tea and grape seed extracts that provide you with regenerative and anti-aging capabilities………and it’s all so simple to use and only $22.

A plus from these ladies is also their Perfect Pencil that comes in just one shade…….YOURS! This liner is a true lip tone; it works with all nine gloss shades and every skin tone under the sun. You no longer have to worry about matching the pencil to the lip color…….hard to believe? I tried it, it works, especially for all the cute young things out there that would rather be dead than wear a LIP LINER……this shapes, plumps, defines, all with no color! $14, you must try it!
Available: www.beautyforreal.netMarnie Rocks, 1415 South Voss R., or Chrysallis Spa, 2615 Southwest Fwy., #240.

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