Chic Find………Two of my favorite things!

Chic Find…….TWO of my fave things in one?!!

There is probably not a garment in my closet that is more of a must have than my SPANX……how did I survive without them?! Another favorite look of mine is the
Pencil Skirt, which I have many of and wear regularly……with my SPANX, of course!
Well, I always knew those Spanx ladies were mighty clever, but now they have moved
their wonderful technology into apparel and have created some sportswear styles that
must be tried…… fave on-order item is the PENCIL SKIRT with the SPANX lining.
It is one of a new collection of apparel that they are calling……what else,BOD-A-BING,
which includes the pictured Pencil Skirt, a Pant and mesh Tank.
So be adventurous…..try it……..sportswear that makes you look skinny….gotta love it!
Check it out at SPANX!

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