Jewels That Are Even More Than You Can Imagine!

When my friends at More Than You Can Imagine, dynamic Mother/Daughter duo, Vicki Rizzo and Mauri Oliver, called me to come by and visit and take in their new Jewelry Collection that a mutual friend of ours had on display, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What did intrigue me was the fact that it was being produced by a local designer, as supporting local talent is a special passion of mine these days. Little did I know that  Y Limited Editions, originating in 2013 was by fellow Houstonian, Yvonne Betts. Yvonne had created this hand-crafted collection of semi-precious stones that was available exclusively at MTYCI in very limited quantities.

I had no idea that Yvonne, who I last knew as a technology software sales person, had traveled the world for 10 years in that position.  It was during these travel experiences that Yvonne discovered her appreciation of exceptional minerals. From the beginning, she set her sights on collecting the largest and best quality gemstones she could find. Every country she visited presented captivating specimens that would end up in jewelry she made for herself, friends, and family. She quickly found a following for her elegant designs and focused on creating bold statement pieces for clients on both sides of the pond.

Yvonne Betts studied jewelry and sculpture at UH. As a trained metal smith, she has designed one-of-a-kind jewelry for private clients since 2001. She recently returned to her Houston, Texas roots after achieving Graduate Gemologist status from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in NYC.

Highlights of Yvonne’s collection that can be seen at More Than You Can Imagine and from her Houston studio collection are show here.  You should also visit her website, to view more….

Each design is hand-crafted by the artist and are available only in very limited quantities due to the customized sizes and rarity of the gems showcased. Examples, as you will see below in their finished state, are available in necklace and earring styles.  Stones that she has collected and use in her work include…

  • Rich, cognac-hued Baltic Amber
  • Expertly carved cobalt Lapis from Afghanistan
  • Rare, banded Rhodochrosite, an Argentine exclusive
  • Deeply saturated Rose Quartz from Madagascar
  • Large, candy colored Brazilian Amethysts and Citrines
  • Strikingly patterned South African Tiger’s Eye
  • Bright turquoise-colored Peruvian Amazonite
  • High-gloss, horizontal banded Russian Malachite

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