New Chic Sheet Series Debuts with Dr. Angela Sturm of Facial Plastic Surgery Associates….

Dr. Angela Sturm, a fellow member of mine in the Sterling Group Breakfast Club, recently treated us to a tour of her facility and a power point presentation of many of the newer, kinder and gentler ways to look younger through medical procedures that are less invasive than in the past.  Based on this session, I asked Angela to write a series for my readers that would give you some insight into the newest techniques out there in this field.  Feel free to ask questions either in the comment section of the blog or if a private question is your preference, reply email to the blast and I will forward to Angela and she will respond directly to you.

We will begin this week with an introduction into her background.   Dr. Angela Sturm O’Brien, in her own words….

Let me introduce myself.  I am Angela Sturm-O’Brien, MD, a Houston based facial plastic surgeon who practices in the world renowned Texas Medical Center.  I attended medical school at Baylor College of Medicine and subsequently completed residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. After residency I completed the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship with Dr. Russell Kridel to gain extensive expertise in cutting edge head and neck surgical techniques. After completing my training, Dr. Kridel asked me to join him at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates.

Medicine drew me in with its promise of continual challenges and personal interactions.  I love the relationship I have with my patients; it is like no other interaction in life.  I get to share in the excitement about their new look and confidence, as well as how that positively impacts the rest of their life.  I have always been particular and want things to work and look just right.  When I discovered the field of Facial Plastic Surgery, where I get to be as particular as I like and make people happy, I realized that it was a perfect fit.  My relationships with my patients are just incredible, because trusting someone with your face is as personal as it gets.

The relationship that a person has with their physician has changed over time, for the better!  The decision making process is more cooperative.  As informed patients, each person can work with their physician to make the best decisions specifically for them.  My blog postings, here at The Chic Sheet, will provide information and insight into some of the numerous treatments and procedures that are out there to enable you to make an informed decision.

If there is a treatment or surgery that you are wondering about, please send me your questions!  You may also visit my site at

Stay tuned for my next posting….an intro to noninvasive options for rejuvenation; to cut or not to cut??? Later on, I will also be discussing fillers, nonsurgical facelifts, lasers and much more.

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