Only Three Days to Go…

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here and in our house, Chanukah has arrived already. I’m certainly not finished nor has anyone I have spoken to in the last week completed or in some cases made that first ring at the register. Is it just me, or if I didn’t buy it online, in most cases I haven’t purchased it?! Now I certainly don’t want to pay shipping charges or deal with the traffic at the malls. So the solution is to find those quick and easy familiar places that we can get in and out of to finalize our gift lists!

The Chic Sheet turned to some of our retail friends to give us some insider info on what’s in store and what the late-ones are wanting as they are scurrying through their stores. The following are some of the highlights of many of the special offerings still out there for the late, late show!

a bientot: 2501 River Oaks Blvd.
Echo rubber tipped gloves for the iPhone/iPod user, 4 colors, $32 The D-Fuzz-It to remove fur balls from sweaters, stocking stuffer, $4
Hair ties for every stocking, by Kisch. Guarantees no ponytail creases, stocking stuffer, $1

Tassel earrings, a must for the fashion savvy, $48-138

More Than You Can Imagine: 2817 Westheimer

Personalized fortune cookies. You can guarantee your fortune will come true! $14

Bella Shimmer Puff that makes you glisten and shine all over, $14

Men’s cuff links, Many Styles $210

Lip gloss with lighted mirror, $20

Willow: The Brownstone @ 2803 Westheimer
Whiting & Davis ivory or black with rhinestone bag, $170

Silver or gold leaf cuffs, $85

Black and silver beaded earrings, $48; Wrap bracelets, $38; Ring, $45

Bulgari-like colored jewel earrings, $150; Rings, $90

Tootsies: West Ave.; 2601 Westheimer

Tracey Tanner wrap bracelets, Single, $20; Double, $40

Niven candles of fave cities: London, St. Tropez, Capri, Marakesh, etc., $30

Nixon watches, Rose Gold or Tortoise, $

Nixon “The Apollo” custom headphones, $70

VBeaute IT Kit travel products, 6 items for 45 days, $165

Elaine Turner assorted small leather goods; iPad, iPhone, wallets, etc. Price varies by style
Marnie Rocks: West Ave. Pop-Up

Word tag necklace; Amore, Love, etc., $175-$475

Sideways cross, 14k or sterling silver, $120-$450 depending on the size

Message in a Bottle, personalized to wear around your neck, $35
Molasses Candy: West Ave. Pop-Up
Clever stationery, last minute giftable gift tags, photo stickers. Prices $6-$20 Wine charms + giftable personalized photo stickers.
Elizabeth Vallone / Lucy & Michael  West Ave. Pop-Up

Homemade cheesecake served at Tony’s with praline topping. To die for! $25 for a 6” cheesecake

Lucy & Michael tents and fun games for kids, prices vary.

Happy Shopping!

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