So Much Fashion Footwear This Season….So Difficult to Choose?!

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?  Judging from the crowds in most shoe departments around town I would say that most of us do.  If you’re a regular follower of mine you know that I believe, passionately, that nothing dates your wardrobe more than past-due footwear.  That is why I have taken the approach of buying better and more classic in look, but classic with an updated twist is where I love to be.  For example, this season, the single sole, pointed-toe pump is one of the top looks… try it in yellow or green or as I’ve done, purchase a pair in the newest shiny metallic, silver foil look….love them!

To summarize what you will see below…..pointed toes are in, newest looks are without platforms (single-sole, particularly in pumps and dress heeled sandals), flats are hot again, mostly in the slipper styles; newest fashion sneakers are not flat but wedged and wedges in a variety of materials are still all the rage…ideal for summer months where height is still your desire, but being outdoors and squashing your stiletto heel into the grass is unnerving!   Gladiators are the edgy sandal look for the season, but work best for most of us, not in the tallest, heeled styles but in ankle strap length or in chic flat styles.  Ankle straps rule for all (except for me….just my thing, they don’t work well for me).

So take your pick if you haven’t already.  I must say this on-again, off-again spring weather has been challenging my right to bare legs….but let’s face it, it’s May and the time needs to be right now, if only the temps would cooperate!

Spring/Summer 2013 Footwear Trend Highlights…

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