New Hot Spots….The Bars Worth Chilling In This Summer

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(Photo Courtesy of GQ)

With the Houston Heat becoming excruciatingly warm,  all everyone wants to do is stay hydrated and be under the a/c. However, who said it had to be at home? Bars have been popping up left and right, and these are definitely worth checking out this summer!                (Click on the bar name in red below to access their website for more details)

Present Company

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(Photo Courtesy of Present Company)

One of Houston’s most “instagrammable” spots. From brightly colored walls to vertical gardens to neon signs, there are plenty of opportunity to snap a shot! They even have a unique drink menu which includes cocktails such as The Stranger Danger and The Whispering Eye.

Better Luck Tomorrow

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(Photo Courtesy of Better Luck Tomorrow)

A creation of Justin You and Bobby Heugel and located in the Heights, it’s a great neighborhood bar to enjoy good company and good food. Food Menu includes “Not a Pizza” and beef tartare, while the Drink Menu includes: Seasonal Pimm’s Cup, Better Late than Never, Rocket Man, and more!

They also have a brunch menu which includes: Custard French Toast and Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes.

El Segundo Swim Club

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(Photo Courtesy of El Segundo Swim Club)

Located in Second Ward, El Segundo is a swim club where you can pay $20 for all-day pool access or $100 for a season pass for unlimited access during opening hours. They are open only on weekends ( Friday-Sunday). Drinks are available for purchase and you can also bring in your own snacks.  They are currently making some changes so plan ahead and call before going to make sure they’re open.


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.16.26 PM(Photo Courtesy of Truckyard)

Located in East End Downtown, Truckyard, which is imported to H-town from its sister site in Dallas, is a  Beer Garden and Adult Playground that includes rotating Food Trucks, a Ferris Wheel, live music, and plenty of seating! They also serve cocktails such as Twisted Mule, Mai Tai, Barrel Aged HM Manhatten, and plenty more!


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(Photo Courtesy of Oakmont)

Located on Baldwin Street, Oakmont is a bar with a Beer Garden, amongst other things. There are outdoor games and free 9-hole minature golf course outside, second/ third floor is for more of a quiet lounge scene, and for a skyline view of downtown, the third floor is where it’s at! They also serve cocktails and food such as charcuterie board, flatbreads, and more (first floor- full menu).

3rd story opens at 9 pm.

Tongue Cut Sparrow

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(Photo Courtesy of Tongue Cut Sparrow)

Located in Downtown, Tongue Cut Sparrow feels like a speakeasy bar. Enter through The Pastry War and through an ambiguous door in the backroom near the pool table. Walk upstairs and voila! Here you are.  Reservations can be made for half the bar, the other half is available for walk-in’s. Drinks include French 75, Hotel Nacional, Japanese Highball, and more.

The Cottonmouth Club 

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.52.56 AM(Photo Courtesy of The Cottonmouth Club)

Located in Downtown, The Cottonmouth Club  has solid drinks and an even better happy hour(Monday-Friday, 4-7pm). $6 cocktails include: “at least there’s pretty lights”, ” maybe memphis, maybe mexico” and plenty more!

H Bar at The Post Oak Hotel 

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(Photo Courtesy of the Post Oak Hotel)

Located in uptown Houston, the H Bar is inside Tilman Fertitta’s new glam Post Oak Hotel. With black and white photographs on the wall, crimson velvet accents,  and serving fine spirits, you wouldn’t think you were in Houston. Great place to sip a summer cocktail while enjoying great people watching. The bar is the perfect sophisticated setting to have a great night out on the town.


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