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The Joy of Gifting…for the Foodies


Santa has his milk and cookies and the reindeer have their carrots. Now it’s time for the foodies in your life to get their tasty treats and appetite-inducing accessories! Sure, we all love food. BUT we also all know those in our lives who take their passion for provisions to a whole other level! Foodies […]

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Summer Salad Inspiration!

Are you in a salad rut?  If you are not one of those people that can open the fridge and use a little of this and a little of that to throw together a salad or are you making one of maybe three in our recipe arsenal then this post is for you! Heather here […]

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Appetizers and Drinks to Enjoy All Summer Long

Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Julie here today, and I am in a summer state of mind. One of my favorite things about the season is getting together with friends and family at a pool, on the lake, or for a backyard BBQ. It’s such a carefree, laid back season and what’s better than […]

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Millennials Have Spoken… And Their Favorite Color Is Pink!

This past year has borne witness to a smorgasbord of new trends, but none as great as the explosive color “twentysomethings” know and love and the industry has tagged: millennial pink. Sarah here, and while it may sound confined to one particular age group, millennial pink spans across a variety of ages and ideas. From […]

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White Linen Nights In The Heights, 2017….Let The Fun Begin

On Saturday, August 5th, from 6-10pm, Memorial Herman is hosting the annual White Linen Night In The Heights festival. (You can read more about the history of Houston’s White Linen Nights in our post from last year by clicking here.) Located in the 200 & 300 blocks of 19th Street there will be 33 fun […]

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New Popsicle Trend Hits Houston for Hot Summer Days

Summer is here and MRG asked our newest intern, Bess Krasoff to do a little tasty research on how to deliciously stay cool this summer.  This is what she found……and I couldn’t be happier to report…it’s my favorite treat, Popsicles! With a hot summer underway, everyone is looking for a cool and refreshing treat. I […]

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